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It is obvious that we all have doubts, perplexities and confusions about things. Underlying these confusions are misunderstandings in communication and errors in thinking. We are not always able to trace our doubts and confusions back to such misunderstandings and errors, and fix them. So, we end up covering the failures to grasp by assumptions and speculations. This only makes life more complicated.

These failures exist not only in our use of language in communication, but also in our use of logic in thinking. The development of Subject Clearing now provides a tool, which anybody can use to handle their doubts, perplexities and confusions quite simply and easily. 

Subject Clearing proposes a MATRIX MODEL of the mind that replaces the earlier models, such as, the “subconscious mind” of Freud, or the “reactive mind” of Hubbard. This model, for the first time, provides a structure that supports the function of the mind. Furthermore, the concept of ANOMALY, as defined in Subject Clearing, provides a direct approach to resolving doubts, perplexities and confusions.



Normally, the mind perceives the environment, assesses the conditions, and directs the body to perform activity to resolve any situations and improve conditions. The mind also monitors the various flows within body to maintain it in good condition. The mind continually operates to remove any doubts, perplexities and confusions within itself, so it can operate with clarity.

The body-mind-spirit is actually a single system of life. The body, mind and spirit are best described as the three dimensions of this LIFE SYSTEM. This system operates on thought-electro-mechanical laws. The sense organs embedded in this system receive the sensations from the environment in the form of touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell. These sensations are then processed to accomplish the long-term purpose of the system of EVOLVING.

These SENSATIONS break down into smaller elements, which we may refer to as PERCEPTUAL ELEMENTS. These perceptual elements form a network of associations among themselves, which we may refer to as the MENTAL MATRIX. Each perceptual elements forms a NODE of this matrix. The external environment is PERCEIVED only when this mental matrix is well assimilated. ASSIMILATION means that there is continuity, consistency and harmony among all associations within the matrix.

The sensations enter the life system on a continuous basis. Upon entering, the sensations break down into perceptual elements. All perceptual elements are identified by their characteristics and a time stamp of when they were received. These elements get assimilated in the mental matrix, such that the associations with existing elements are established, and any duplicates are merged together.

The perceptual elements associated with time stamps are perceived as MEMORIES. They may be associated in a different order to form IMAGINATION. There may be gaps among the  associations, but they are bridged over by rational projections. 

Over time, the rational projections are replaced by associations created by new perceptual elements as they are received; and the multi-dimensional associations of the mental matrix come to reflect the external “universe” with increasing precision. The finer are the perceptual elements, the better is this precision. We know this reflection of the external “universe” in the mental matrix as the CONSCIOUSNESS of the mind.

But there are traumatic sensations that do not break down into perceptual elements after they enter. They embed themselves into the mental matrix as UNASSIMILATED NODES. The content of such nodes cannot be properly perceived because they are not assimilated with other nodes. The unassimilated nodes are “perceived” only as raw sensations of PAIN and ANXIETY. Their effect is to distort the mental matrix. Such distortions show up as anomalies in the thinking process of the mind.

According to this model, the assimilated portions of the mental matrix, which provide rational thinking, may be called the CONSCIOUS or ANALYTICAL mind; and the unassimilated portions, which produce unthinking reactions, may be called the SUBCONSCIOUS or REACTIVE mind.



The dictionary defines “anomaly” as something irregular, odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc. It is an incongruity or inconsistency. In Subject Clearing, ANOMALY is defined more precisely as follows:

An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

An anomaly flags the presence of an impression on the mind that is not fully assimilated. The unassimilated impression usually takes the form of pain, anxiety or a fixed idea. It is usually covered up by a justification or an assumption. When one spots the assumption and tracks it down, the impression assimilates, and the anomaly resolves. 

The anomalies that we perceive in the “external world” are actually anomalies in how the external world is perceived. They are anomalies in the reflection of the “external world” in the mental matrix. The resolution of such anomalies involves replacing the existing projections within the matrix by obtaining actual experience. The Future of Education outlines how concepts may be organized from the earliest to the latest to locate and resolve anomalies of the “external world.”

The anomalies that we sense in our thinking are actually the distortions in the mental matrix due to the unassimilated impressions These are anomalies in the structure of the mental matrix itself. The resolution of such anomalies depends on the assimilation of the unassimilated impressions. This is the domain of meditation in ancient Yoga, the psychoanalysis in psychology, and the auditing in Scientology. The anomalies in the structure of matrix (internal anomalies) make it difficult for the person to think rationally and resolve the anomalies in perception (external anomalies). 



Subject Clearing helps one resolve both “external” and “internal” anomalies as described above. This, then, improves one’s ability to think clearly and perceive things in the “external world” just as they are without distortions.

Having this ability, one can resolve deeper and larger problems easily, and navigate one’s way successfully through life.


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