The Definition of THETA

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

Hubbard defines THETA in Scientology as following. Let’s look at each definition carefully.

“THETA, 1. theta is thought, life force, elan vital, the spirit, the soul, or any other of the numerous definitions it has had for some thousands of years.”

THETA is something that one can be intimately aware of. That means Theta is some kind of substance because it is substantial. It is different from the physical substances (matter, energy and gravity). Theta is the animating essence of life.

“THETA, 2. the life force, life energy, divine energy, elan vital, or by any other name, the energy peculiar to life which acts upon material in the physical universe and animates it, mobilizes it and changes it. It is susceptible to alteration in character or vibration, at which time it becomes enturbulated theta or entheta.”

Theta is like the electricity that makes a machine run. However, it is a much more basic and intimate impulse that animates MEST and manifests as life. Theta can get enturbulated, and the variations in it appears as the Tone scale.

“THETA, 3. theta is thought; an energy of its own universe analogous to energy in the physical universe but only occasionally paralleling electromagnetic-gravitic laws. The three primary components of theta are affinity, reality, and communication.”

Theta has its own unique laws that are found in affinity, reality and communication.

“THETA, 4. reason, serenity, stability, happiness, cheerful emotion, persistence, and the other factors which man ordinarily considers desirable.”

Theta manifests in man as all the desirable characteristics.

“THETA, 5. an energy existing separate and distinct from the physical universe.”

Theta is substance very unlike the physical substance, but the two are integrated. The idea of “separate” presents an anomaly.

“THETA, 6. Greek for thought or life or the spirit.”

Theta is essence of thought, life or spirit.

“THETA, 7. not a nothingness. It just happens to be an exterior thing to this universe—so you couldn’t talk about it in this universe’s terms.”

Theta is a dimension very different from the dimension of MEST. It is a potential that becomes actual only within MEST (see The Definition of STATIC). The idea of “exterior” comes from the phenomenon of exteriorization and it generates an anomaly.



Theta is a substance; but it is very different from the MEST substance. Theta and MEST happen to form two different dimensions of this universe.

Hubbard considers Theta to be exterior to MEST based on the phenomenon of exteriorization where a person feels that he is outside the body. But there is no actual separation because theta and MEST are still integrated as life. There is only a shift in consideration in that the person’s attention is no longer fixated on the body.

Thus, Theta and MEST are distinct dimensions, but they operate together as life.



The following definition of Theta from KHTK Glossary resolves this anomaly.

Theta is the spiritual dimension of the universe, whereas, MEST is the physical dimension. Theta manifests in MEST as motion. All activities of life are Theta and MEST operating together.


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