A History of Man: Chapter Three

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER THREE from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



THE PRESENT LIFE is always of considerable interest to the preclear.

In the first place, he is continuing to live in the environment and society, usually, in which he is being audited. He must still face situations which the auditor will discover. The dramatis personae of this period is, to some extent, still living or their artifacts are yet in plain view.

In the second place, the preclear is still connected to these incidents by the identifying label of his present life name and he is continually called by this label and has it confused with himself.

In the third place, these facsimiles have not been invalidated by the shock of a death and the “helpful hands” of the “between lives” crew and so are normally visible.

Fourthly, in this life we have the combination of the current GENETIC BEING and the current THETA BEING and their struggle to even the harsh roadway of living and their divergence of goals.

The goal of auditing is to assimilate unassimilated impressions. These impressions exist in the present regardless of when they were created. So, the present is important, and this is where one starts spotting anomalies to resolve. What makes anomalies difficult to resolve are unassimilated impressions. The incidents from the present life are more concrete than those of past lives. The content of incidents from lives is not always easy to access. But your goal is the assimilation of content and not the detailed recall of it.

At this point the significance of the “helpful hands” of the “between lives” crew is not clear, but it seems to be a mental mechanism. The THETA BEING is the viewpoint that characterizes the person. The GENETIC BEING refers to the genetic programming contained in the DNA.

Present life or any life that comes to view should be to some extent, cleared up for the preclear. Lives are, to some degree, units in themselves. This is caused by the fact that each life while the preclear has been “with body” is lived with a different basic team: the GENETIC BEING carries on through the evolutionary line, parallel with the protoplasmic line, generation to generation, usually on the same planet—in this case, EARTH. The THETA BEING comes into the line from various quarters and each time usually enters an entirely different GE line. Any one life then, is lived with a different GE. The preclear is always and always was and always will be the THETA BEING. But the THETA BEING has, life to life, a different GE. The character and quality of the MEST body then is different in each lifetime, the past of the MEST body in each lifetime is different from the viewpoint of the theta being. Thus, the theta being has variation of experience, which is not always, life to life, the same pattern. Thus, when lives come to view, they should be explored and audited as above, a few hours spent in this can materially assist a recovery.

The impressions from the DNA programming may create strange dreamlike visualizations; however, nothing that comes up in auditing should be invalidated or looked at with suspicion. You keep looking at the visualizations with the Discipline of KHTK to attain assimilation. This is because your opinion on the content is not important; only the assimilation of the impression is important.

The PRESENT LIFE is important out of proportion to the small fraction of total age of the theta being; the auditor will find himself, in most cases, compelled to spend many hours upon it. But he should not audit any heavy incidents in the present lifetime. These have basics which reduce much more swiftly, and these basics are always earlier by many ages.

With the subject clearing approach, the non-auditable heavy past life incidents won’t come up until the case is well advanced and can handle such incidents. There is no difficulty in auditing whatever comes up naturally.

The time spent on the present life earlier in Dianetics was very great. It required scores or hundreds of hours of auditing to achieve optimum results, and then only with great cunning could the auditor achieve his goal. Swifter techniques made present life much easier to audit, cut down the time required and increased the results, but the same results can be achieved much more swiftly with much less skill and cunning when one audits WHOLE TRACK, meaning the track of the theta being.

The WHOLE TRACK refers to the impressions from the DNA programming. Let such impressions come up naturally. They are handled the same way as the present life impressions.

Just as “medical science” has accepted PRENATAL EXPERIENCE according to their best heralds, the popular magazines such as CORONET and READER’S DIGEST, prenatals fade into the obscurity of curiosa in Dianetics. Great as the results were which occurred when one audited prenatals, results in the same time are now so incomparably greater in auditing the whole track or even in using TECHNIQUE 80, that one need know very little about prenatals. In the first place, it has been discovered that prenatals happen to the GE, not the theta being. These recordings are so phonograph-record-like because they are wholly in the somatic mind (the GE). They deeply affect the current MEST body structure in many ways, but this structure can be otherwise repaired.

The GENETIC ENTITY apparently enters the protoplasm line some two days or a week prior to conception. There is some evidence that the GE is actually double, one entering on the sperm side, one entering on the ovum side. If the matter were still important, some time could be spent determining this, for the GE answers dually in present time.

Such prenatal and whole track incidents, and the details connected to them, are are not to be treated any differently from subject clearing point of view. No matter the general opinion about such incidents, the important thing is to assimilate them with the Discipline of KHTK.

The GE continues as the guiding genius throughout prenatal life, building, regulating the heartbeat and attending to complex structural matters. It records every perception present, asleep or awake, conscious or unconscious (in knock-out or drugged sense), to the number of the (about) fifty perceptions present. Just as the doctor quite often hears a baby in a womb cry, just as he can hear its heartbeat with his stethoscope, so can the child hear what is occurring outside his mother. This is a very important datum from the standpoint of PREVENTIVE DIANETICS for by knowing it, one can easily forecast the health and mental poise of a child after birth by making certain that it has a good prenatal existence. Psychotics often DRAMATIZE (re-enact) these prenatal engrams and a trip through a sanatorium will show an auditor many prenatals in full play, running oft like records, ending and starting again endlessly.

Pre-natal incidents are supposed to be dramatized by psychotics in sanatoriums. That may very well be the case. However, the actual problem is how to get psychotics to assimilate these incidents.

Here is the list of prenatals. They can be any combination of action known to the business of living, but these are the common ones.

Prenatal Incidents

All incidents in any environment are prone to be repeated. Thus, these incidents commonly appear in long chains, many incidents in each, each incident much the same as the last. To audit the chain, one should get the basic on that chain:

SICKNESS CHAIN, mother’s illness
SICKNESS CHAIN, another member of the family’s illness
WORK CHAIN, mother’s heavy activities at work
EXERCISE CHAIN, mother’s activity in sports or calisthenics
FIGHT CHAIN, family quarrels
FIGHT CHAIN, outside the home
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CHAIN, mother’s high blood pressure
ALCOHOLIC CHAIN, mother’s drinking
ACCIDENT CHAIN, mother’s falls and bumps
COUGH CHAIN, mother’s coughing
COUGH CHAIN, other members of family
MASTURBATION CHAIN, mother’s masturbation
CRYING CHAIN, mother’s crying

Pre-sperm recordings are quite ordinary. The sperm sequence itself is worthy of note for it is a race of which the sperm is very conscious. His travails in reaching the ovum are many. There is a “visio” which is quite standard, of the race. There is quite often a light, a spark, in this sequence. The sperm reaches the ovum and merges. This merging is another incident, conception.

A lot of this seems to be cultural baggage. Other incidents are related to biology. If such incidents come up look at them with the Discipline of KHTK until they are assimilated.

Pre-ovum sequences are on record but are not common. The rolling of the ovum down the tube is commonly recorded. Conception and the impulses generated answer the conditions for one type of cancer, embryonic. Mitosis is an incident. Cellular division, once or many times, is on common record. Mitosis answers the conditions for the other type of cancer—malignant cell. Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis.

If cure to cancer takes place in conjunction with auditing, that is a bonus.

The theta being apparently joins the track immediately prior to birth. Its sequence, for itself, is DEATH, BETWEEN-LIVES, BIRTH, all in a few minutes according to some findings, a sequence which is quite aberrative. The theta being’s joining is called the STARTER. The theta being sometimes fights away another theta being, sometimes considers this an overt act. You may audit an entire prenatal bank without getting as much rise in the preclear’s tone as auditing one STARTER for the theta being, after all, is the preclear.

STARTER is the start of self-consciousness in the body-mind system.

BIRTH is a very aberrative affair and a difficult or complicated birth can aberrate the entire lifetime of the MEST body. But this means that birth should be without conversation, in a darkened and quiet room with high humidity and without draughts, not that you should audit births. In other words, one should know how aberrative birth is, but one should not audit birth as a practice. One “Facsimile One” has as many as eighty-thousand births on it as locks. Birth presents itself to be audited much of the time because Mother, complaining of how difficult the preclear’s birth was, makes it into an overt act. This overt act had birth as a motivator. Thus, preclears are anxious to have their birth engram audited.

I ran out BIRTH on my case. It was quite interesting. See My Introduction to America.

INFANT and CHILDHOOD ILLNESS are important because in them the theta being loses much of the control of the body. The incidents of degradation which precede these, however, are a more important target for the auditor.

Most preclears are stuck somewhere on the present life track. The E-meter will tell the auditor where if the auditor asks in terms of years. It is rarely where the preclear thinks it is. Operations, accidents. illnesses are all more or less routine. The auditor should take them as he is given them by the E-meter or symbols or both, but he should not audit them as such unless he is strongly forced to do so: the incidents on which they depend are so much earlier, so much more aberrative.

For every motivator in the present life there is an overt or a ded. Thus, it behooves the auditor to pay much more attention to using TECHNIQUE 80 [additional data in “Scientology 8-80” by L. Ron Hubbard] than it does to find new and strange present life incidents to audit. It should not require more than a score of hours to clean up the present life until heavy incidents in the past can be audited: this is true for the neurotic and relatively sane only, it is not true for the psychotics: for them it may be necessary to audit prenatals or use other techniques and to spend perhaps hundreds of hours of ARC processing to make them entirely sane and stable.

Today, we have the Grade Chart as the standard program of auditing.

Present life incidents, by test, cannot quickly resolve any case. Audit present life only until one can audit theta line material with safety.

Subject clearing approach is the safest approach that one may apply to oneself.


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