The Definition of STATIC

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

Hubbard defines STATIC as following in the Tech Dictionary. Let’s look at each definition carefully.

“STATIC, 1. a static is something without mass, without wavelength, without time, and actually without position. That’s a static and that is the definition of zero.”

Static is not made up of matter or energy; so, it is zero in terms of MEST. But Static is something because we are talking about it. Static is made of thought or theta substance.

“STATIC, 2. a static by definition, is something that is in a complete equilibrium. It isn’t moving and that’s why we’ve used the word static. Not in an engineering sense but in its absolute dictionary sense.”

Motion is the property of MEST. Static is not MEST. Therefore, Static is not in motion.

“STATIC, 3. an actuality of no mass, no wave-length, no position in space or relation in time, but with the quality of creating or destroying mass or energy, locating itself or creating space, and of re-relating time.”

Static is made of theta. Conversion between theta and MEST is possible. This appears as creation or destruction of MEST from MEST point of view.

“STATIC, 4 . something which has no motion. The word is from the Latin, sto meaning stand. No part of mest can be static, but theta is static. Theta has no motion. Even when the mest it controls is moving in space and time, theta is not moving, since theta is not in space or time.”

Static is made of theta. Theta has no motion because motion is a property of MEST, and theta is not MEST. The motion in MEST is induced by theta. In other words, theta is static. 

“STATIC, 5. has no motion, it has no width, length, breadth, depth; it is not held in suspension by an equilibrium of forces; it does not have mass; it does not contain wave-lengths; it has no situation in time or space.”

Static is not MEST.

“STATIC, 6. the simplest thing there is is a static, but a static is not nothingness. These are not synonyms. We speak of it carelessly as a nothingness. That’s because we say nothingness in relationship to the space and objects of the material universe. Life has a quality. It has an ability. When we say nothingness we simply mean it has no quantity. There is no quantitative factor.

Static is something; and that something is theta. Hubbard has used “nothingness” only in the sense of “absence of MEST.” Theta represent all the qualities of life as a potential. These qualities become actual when they are manifested in MEST.

“STATIC, 7. a static, in physics, is called something which is ‘an equilibrium of forces.’” 

Physics deals with MEST only, and not with Theta. In physics, motion is relative, and any object is stationary (static) relative to itself. This may be looked upon as ‘an equilibrium of forces.’



DEFINITION: An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data). An anomaly flags the presence of a hidden impression on the mind in the form of an assumption. When the assumption is discovered, one becomes aware of the underlying impression. This awareness produces a realization that resolves the anomaly.

Static is simply emphasizing that theta is not MEST. Motion is the property of MEST only. Thus, theta has no motion; therefore, theta is static. But theta controls the motion of MEST.

From all observations, the natural motion of MEST is directly related to the consistency (or density) of MEST substance. The greater is the consistency, the lesser is motion. Please see Substance, Motion and Static.

Theta (static) is not separate and independent of MEST as incorrectly implied by Hubbard. Theta and MEST are intimately integrated.



The following definition of Static resolves this anomaly.

Theta is static with respect to MEST meaning it has none of the characteristics of MEST. In other words, static implies that Theta and MEST are two different dimensions in which the laws are completely different.

An alternative concept provided in The Static Viewpoint seems to be more consistent with reality.


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