Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

Here is the outcome of subject clearing some of the fundamental concepts of Scientology.


  1. The Statement of Theta-MEST Theory
  2. Theta-MEST Theory (KHTK version)
  3. The Definition of THETA
  4. The Definition of STATIC
  5. The Definition of THETAN
  6. The Definition of BODY THETAN
  7. The Definition of EXTERIORIZATION
  8. The Definition of PTSness
  9. Scientology Axiom # 1
  10. The Definition of POSTULATE
  11. The Definition of the 8TH DYNAMIC
  12. The Definition of OPERATING THETAN
  13. The Definition of CREATE

Supporting Essays

  1. Substance, Motion and Static
  2. The Static Viewpoint
  3. Emptiness
  4. The Truth


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