The World of Atom (Part V)

ReferenceA Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics



Chapter 21: Atoms and Electricity – Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867)
The volume of energy around point masses is like a field made up of “tubes of force”.

Chapter 22: Electromagnetic Theory – James Clerk Maxwell (1831 – 1879)
The field is electromagnetic in nature containing alternate transformation between electric and magnetic fields.

Chapter 23: Cathode Rays – A “Fourth State of Matter” – William Crookes (1832 – 1919)
The electric current leaves a conductor into a vacuum as a laminar flow of “cathode rays”.

Chapter 24: A Remarkable Regularity in the Hydrogen Spectrum – Johann Jacob Balmer (1825 – 1898)
The wavelength of any line in the spectrum of hydrogen can be obtained by multiplying a certain numerical factor by a series of fractions.

Chapter 25: The Luminiferous Ether Receives a Mortal Blow – Albert A. Michelson (1852 – 1931), Edward W. Morley (1838 – 1923)
There is no detectable relative motion between Earth and the supposed luminiferous aether. This raised question about light being a disturbance in some medium.


Light is electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is a fluid-like substance rather than a disturbance in some postulated medium.


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