Remedial Math Level 2


Middle School Review

Lesson 1: Arithmetic Expression

Arithmetic Expression Problems from Dubbs

Answers (Article 49)

Lesson 2Integers

Lesson 3Units

Table for the Units of Measure

Reduction Problems from Dubb

Answers (Article 74)

Compound Number Problems from Dubb

Answers (Articles 75 – 80)

Lesson 4Factors

Factoring Problems from Dubb

Answers (Article 89)

Cancellation Problems from Dubb

Answers (Article 91)

Lesson 5Fractions

Equivalent Fraction Problems from Dubb


LCM Problems from Dubb


Fraction Problems from Dubb


Lesson 6: Decimals



MS B1 Mixed Operations

MS B2 Integers

MS B3 Factors

MS B4 Frac Props

MS B5 Frac Ops

MS B6 Decimals


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