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The fundamental principle of the universe is that there is precipitation of order from chaos. This order is continually being added to the universe. In fact, this universe is the manifestation of the cumulative order. If that were not so, there wouldn’t be a universe.

Maybe this order is also converting back to chaos; but there is more order precipitating from chaos than order converting back to chaos. So, there is a net increase in order that is irreversible. It is this irreversibility of increasing order that provides the idea of time.

The fundamental principle of “chaos to order” is driving the creation of this universe. We don’t know where this principle comes from. So, this is where science comes closest to acknowledging God.

This work does not question whether God exists or not. It leaves the origins of chaos open to investigation. The ancient texts of the East hint that this universe is forming and dispersing cyclically; but that is also considered beyond the scope of this work. The purpose of this work is to look at the human evolution in the context of the present universe.

The order precipitates from chaos as a pattern. This pattern grows and evolves into more complex patterns. Thus there is a sequence in which the order precipitates and grows. We see a very early rendition of this sequence in the Bible as “six days of creation”. It starts with light on the first day and ends with mankind on the sixth. The whole sequence is as follows.

  • Creation of light from darkness
  • Creation of firmament from waters
  • Creation of earth and plant life from the seas
  • Creation of regularity in terms of day, night, year and seasons
  • Creation of sea life in water and fowl on land
  • Creation of higher animal life and humans.

The above sequence ends here because “God rested on the seventh day”. So the evolution rests here per the writers of the Bible. Coming forward to the modern scientific era, we, however, think that evolution is continuing after having gone through the following stages.

  1. From electromagnetic energy to matter
  2. From matter to animation
  3. From animation to life
  4. From life to thought

These stages are studied by the various subjects as follows..

  • Stage 1 is the domain of COSMOLOGY & PHYSICS.
  • Stage 2 is the domain of CHEMISTRY & BIOCHEMISTRY.
  • Stage 3 is the domain of BIOLOGY & PROGRAMMING.
  • Stage 4 is the domain of AWARENESS & MINDFULNESS.

The fundamental principle of “chaos to order” never rests. The fundamental directive of this universe is,therefore, EVOLVE! However, this seems to contradict the popular belief that “God rested on the seventh day”, which then shows up in the belief that the fundamental directive of the universe is SURVIVE! But survive is flanked by birth and death, which are natural. The desire to survive for ever is subjective. The cycle of “birth, survive, death” is the objective reality of evolution.

The fundamental directive of this universe is EVOLVE! Relative to this the fixation on “SURVIVE” is subjective.

Presently, thought is evolving toward some goal. Complete awareness of earlier stages is needed to understand that goal. For this purpose we need to see things for what they are with full awareness of all assumptions. This is the basic intention underlying the idea of mindfulness that was developed by Buddha 2600 years ago.

According to the fundamental principle, if we let the mind freely associate all thoughts without suppression then some order is bound to precipitate. Realization of order helps us resolve confusions. Resolution of confusion brings clarity to thoughts. This is how the thoughts evolve.

When we look at Stage 1, we find that the electromagnetic spectrum is flanked by space on one side and matter on the other. This is obvious when we look at the structure of the atom, which extends from nucleus out into space. Thus, there is continuity from matter to space through an electromagnetic field.

When we look at Stage 2, we find that animation comes about with the evolution of RNA and DNA molecules. These complex molecules have enough electrons to form programmable circuits. There is a whole range of motion among atoms and molecules of matter, and there is harmony from the smallest to the largest atomic and molecular structure.

When we look at Stage 3, we find that life begins with naturally programmed motion at the level of cell. It is able to reproduce itself with continuity and harmony. It is able to grow into infinite and complex varieties of organisms. Furthermore, in spite of that complexity, life manages to remain consistent throughout. We see that in all ecosystems nurtured in nature.

When we look at these first three stages of evolution we find that this universe is continuous, harmonious and consistent at a fundamental level. These, then, are the characteristics of order.

Matter provides a structure that lends itself to animation. The animation provides life organisms, which lend themselves to programming. The ability of programming evolves into the formation of the mind within the organism. The mind perceives the environment and responds to it by directing the activity of the organism to bring more order to it. The order extends beyond the individual organism to a whole ecosystem of life .

There is disorder at higher levels visible as discontinuity, disharmony and inconsistency. Such disorder is there around us and within us. We are trying to sort it out every moment of our lives. It is as if the universe is trying to evolve toward higher levels of order through us. This is the activity going on at stage 4.

Thought is the self-directed effort of life to bring order at higher levels of the universe.

Thus, thought is on a mission to resolve chaos, disorder, misalignments etc., wherever it finds them. When the mind is resolving disorder, the fundamental principle of “chaos to order” manifests itself in the form of free association. This is the natural thinking of evolution.

Free association may be observed readily in the simple minds of animals. It also occurs naturally in the complex human mind when it is simply observing without consciously thinking. Conscious human thinking is most efficient when it is consistent with natural free association.

The free association operates in an unbounded, universal context when nothing is suppressed. This is the “thinking” in animals, which allows them to become part of a natural ecosystem with other life organisms.

Free association is objective in nature because of its universal context.

The human mind is capable of highly complex thinking. This thinking is totally objective when it is in sync with free association in a universal context. However, the flaw of human mind is that it can get overloaded with chaos. When that happens; then parts of the mind get suppressed and  thinking occurs in narrow, bounded contexts.

When thought is not allowed to associate freely in a universal context it becomes subjective.

This is an outline of the evolution up to the current level of thought. In subsequent chapters we look closely at the human mind, which forms the seat of thought.


[Revised February 5, 2017 by Vinaire]


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  • vinaire  On January 19, 2017 at 7:46 AM

    This essay was revised today to polish it up somewhat.

  • vinaire  On January 21, 2017 at 6:48 AM

    The introduction of this essay was revised to clarify its position with respect to the belief in God.

    I have also highlighted the nature of objective and subjective thought.

  • vinaire  On February 4, 2017 at 10:45 AM


    The post above postulates that the fundamental directive of this universe is EVOLVE! The is how it comes to me from the Eastern perspective.

    But from Western perspective, the fundamental directive of this universe seems to be SURVIVE!. This directive is explicitly stated by Hubbard of the Church of Scientology. It seems to me that the emotion of fear is evoked more by the perspective of SURVIVE!

    I would like to know how many readers of this post prefer one directive over the other. If you prefer EVOLVE, please respond with “E”. If you prefer SURVIVE, please respond with “S”.

    But if your reality is different then respond with a second “E” or “S”

    “E” = Both preference and reality are EVOLVE
    “S” = Both preference and reality are SURVIVE
    “ES” = Preference is EVOLVE bur reality is SURVIVE
    “SE” = Preference is SURVIVE but reality is EVOVE

    Thank you for your response.

  • vinaire  On February 5, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    Beside some minor touch ups, I have revised the post above by inserting the following paragraphs,

    The fundamental principle of “chaos to order” never rests. The fundamental directive of this universe is,therefore, EVOLVE! However, this seems to contradict the popular belief that “God rested on the seventh day”, which then shows up in the belief that the fundamental directive of the universe is SURVIVE! But survive is flanked by birth and death, which are natural. The desire to survive for ever is subjective. The cycle of “birth, survive, death” is the objective reality of evolution.

    The fundamental directive of this universe, in its objectivity, is EVOLVE!. Relative to this the fixation on “SURVIVE” is subjective.

  • vinaire  On February 11, 2017 at 7:32 AM

    In the essay “From Chaos to Order”:

    New Ideas

    (1) The fundamental principle is “From chaos to order”.
    (2) The fundamental activity is “Evolution” and not “survive”.
    (3) The characteristics of order are “continuity, harmony and consistency”.
    (4) The mission of the mind is “Resolution of disorder”.
    (5) The natural activity of the mind is “Free associaion”.
    (6) “Objectivity” comes from universal context.

    Key Words


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