Mindfulness Class Format


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Here is the current Mindfulness Class Format. This format may be revised based on feedback.

(1) Begin the class at 5:45 pm.

(2) Have attendees close their eyes and take five deep breaths, and then return to normal breathing.

(3) Help the attendees settle down in the mindfulness mode per the three rules of mindfulness.

(3a) Become grounded–meaning you keep coming back intermittently to the awareness of your breathing and to a sense of harmony.

(3b) Establish free association–meaning you become aware of the concern uppermost in your mind and let free association take over. You may look for data but don’t dig for it. Let the desired information bubble up as it may.

(3c) Establish universal context–meaning you become aware of the universality of what you are looking at setting aside bias, prejudice and fixed ideas. Look at it with compassion for all beings.

(3d) Get ready for the mindfulness discussion. Open your eyes when you are ready..

(4) Start mindfulness discussion. Continue the discussion for next half hour.

(4a) Focus on the question, “What are you hoping for in today’s class and what would you like to leave behind.”

(4b) Have each attendee respond to the above question if they wish. Let them know that it is ok to “pass” if they are uncomfortable talking.

(4c) Formulate a general question for mindfulness discussion from earlier preparation and the feedback received above. Give everyone a chance to speak.

(4d) Continue the discussion for next half hour. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the concept of mindfulness.

(5) Have the attendees start meditation on whatever they consider pertinent, which was stimulated during the mindfulness discussion. .

(6) End the meditation at 7:10 pm. Use the next 5 minutes to get feedback on the class.

(7) End the class at 7:15 pm.


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