Grounding Instruction



The 3 Rules of Mindfulness

Triggering of Memory

Mindfulness Meditation


A Grounding Instruction is the instruction one keeps at the back of one’s mind during meditation. The idea is to maintain awareness of the grounding instruction the same way as one maintains awareness of breathing. To accomplish that one keeps coming back to the grounding instruction intermittently during the meditation session.

For example, the grounding instruction could be “Remember something”. One keeps this instruction at the back of one’s mind. This is an instruction for the mind. During meditation, the mind reconstructs the memories by free association as it sees fit and brings it up to consciousness. One acknowledges each memory as it comes up and continues with meditation.

Before starting the meditation one makes sure that one is fully familiar with the The 3 Rules of Mindfulness. These rules define the mindfulness meditation.

One should also make oneself fully familiar with the necessity of letting the memory come up naturally by practicing the two exercises provided in Triggering of Memory.

One then starts the meditation session with deep breathing as explained in the document Mindfulness Meditation. One settles down in meditation according to this document.

One then places the grounding instruction at the back of one’s mind and lets the mind associate freely.


Grounding instruction provides a new dimension to the mindfulness meditation. It should be used carefully together with the instructions outlined above.



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