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A New Slant on Theta-MEST Theory



The Theta-MEST theory forms the core of the philosophy of Scientology. It parallels the concept of Shakti-Shiva in Hinduism. Whereas Shakti and Shiva are looked upon as two sides of the same coin, Scientology looks at Theta and MEST as two different systems that are independent of each other.

Here is an understanding of the Theta-MEST Theory after subject clearing.

Hubbard is correct in recognizing that there is a spectrum of motion, one end of which is STATIC (Theta) and the other end is KINETIC (MEST). He is also correct in saying that STATIC and KINETIC are theoretical in the sense that they are not absolute. This is a great advance on the philosophy of Semitic religions.

At physical level the spectrum of motion starts with undisturbed space. When space is disturbed it produces a ripple of interchanging electromagnetic fields. Thus, we have an electromagnetic spectrum of increasing frequency. At upper end of this spectrum, frequency collapses into mass.

The essense of UNDISTURBED SPACE is the STATIC. Of course, matter is not part of the STATIC because matter is produced by a collapse of extreme disturbance in space.

The STATIC is pure awareness. Therefore, the Scientology Static has no motion; no width, length, breadth, depth; not held in suspension by equilibrium of forces; does not have mass; and does not contain wavelengths.

This Scientology static has no situation in time or space simply because it is the undisturbed space with the essence of awareness. Thus, static is not something discrete. It would be an error to consider it so.

Hubbard’s first error is to assign individuality to the Static. Static is a phenomenon that has “properties”. It is not an individual that has “capabilities”. The static when disturbed becomes kinetic. It is not a “static” interacting with a “kinetic”.

Outer form and inner essence go hand in hand. There cannot be an outer form without inner essence. There must be an outer form to any inner essence. The outer form is represented by “physical”; the inner essence is represented by “spiritual”. One can’t think of spirit without some form even if that form is abstract. And however abstract a form may be there is always a spirit to it.

The disturbance in space proceeds within space in the form of electromagnetic ripples. Similarly, we may postulate that the disturbance in awareness proceeds within pure awareness in the form of ripples of consciousness. We may regard the electromagnetic field as the outer form of consciousness field. We may postulate a “consciousness spectrum” similar to the electromagnetic spectrum. This characterizes consciousness as something dynamic with an inner frequency

It is only at the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum that a continuous wave collapses into discrete mass as we see in the structure of an atom. It seems that continuous consciousness at high frequency collapses into a discrete identity. This identity is called “thetan” in Scientology.

We may summarize the above as follows:

  • Undisturbed space is the outer form of Static.

  • The space is disturbed with the introduction of time. Static awareness is disturbed with the introduction of desire (per the Vedas). We may say that time is the outer form of desire.

  • Disturbance in space spreads out as electromagnetic ripples within space. Disturbance in awareness spreads out as consciousness ripples within awareness. This is the manifestation of energy. Electromagnetism is the physical energy. Consciousness is the spiritual energy. We may say that electromagnetism is the outer form of consciousness.

  • Mass and matter come about with the condensation of electromagnetic energy. Individuality and identity come about with the condensation of consciousness energy. We may say that mass and matter are the outer forms of individuality and identity respectively.

  • Matter – Energy – Space – Time (MEST) are simply the outer form of Identity – Consciousness – Awareness – Desire (ICAD).

Thus, THETA-MEST Theory may be referenced more accurately as ICAD-MEST Theory.


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