The Sixth Dynamic: The Substance of the Universe

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

To summarize, the Eighth dynamic is the continuous transition from unknowable to knowable through the solving of anomalies. This brings about a continual sense of ecstasy. Here we have the impulse TO KNOW. In terms of knowledge, there is NOTHING ABSOLUTE in the knowable universe because the unknowable is always there.

And, the Seventh dynamic is the key characteristic of ONENESS of the system of postulates generated to know per the Eighth Dynamic. This characteristic of ONENESS underlies the knowable universe.

We then come to the Sixth Dynamic.

The Sixth dynamic adds SUBSTANCE to the system of postulates to make the universe known and felt. From substance arise all dimensions and properties of the universe.


Substance and Consistency

Substance means that which is substantial enough to be known and felt. The knowing comes from Thought substance. The feeling comes from Physical substance. Therefore, the two main aspects of substance are “thought” and “physical”. 

The primary dimension of substance is its CONSISTENCY, which means a degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc. As the substance evolves its consistency increases. The thought substance starts out as postulates. As its consistency increases it appears as theories, principles and facts. The physical substance starts out as gravitational force. As its consistency increases it appears as radiative energy, mass and matter.


Substance and Space

The extent of substance gives us the dimension of SPACE. In its physical aspect, the gravitational force provides us with the purest sense of space. In science, we don’t generally conceive of gravitational force as a substance, and the empty space as the form in which gravity is visible to us. But this is the idea of “field” that was first conceived by Michael Faraday, and it now forms the basis of Quantum Mechanics. Therefore, we also have the space of radiative energy, and the space of matter.

In its thought aspect, the postulates provides us with the purest sense of thought space or “freedom”. In religion, we don’t generally conceive of postulate as a substance, and ”freedom” as the form in which our postulates are visible to us. This is what we most enjoy when we day dream.


Substance and Time

The cycles and their duration that a substance goes through gives us the dimension of TIME. In its physical aspect, we measure time by one complete rotation of earth about its axis. This is the time we happened to choose, which provides a uniform basis for our daily cycles. This gives us our clocks and watches.

In its thought aspect, the completion of what we want to accomplish provides us with the satisfaction of a cycle. How many cycles we have completed in our life gives us a measure of our life cycle.


Dimensions and Duality

Consistency, space and time are the three basic characteristics of substance, from which develop innumerable dimensions. These dimensions are identified by their two extremes as duality. The following are some examples

For thought substance, awareness may gradually condense into beliefs. Similarly, for physical substance, motion may gradually condense into inertia.

THOUGHT SUBSTANCE: Awareness – Beliefs

For thought substance, freedom may gradually condense into identification. Similarly, for physical substance, force may gradually condense into mass.

THOUGHT SUBSTANCE: Freedom – Identification
PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE: Gravitational force – Mass

For thought substance, broad viewpoint may gradually condense into a narrow viewpoint. Similarly, for physical substance, open spacetime may gradually condense very dense spacetime.

THOUGHT SUBSTANCE: Broad – Narrow (as applied to Viewpoint)
PHYSICAL SUBSTANCE: Open – Dense (as applied to Spacetime)

Such dimensions and dualities are taken up in more detail on the Fifth Dynamic.


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