The Eight Dynamics


Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

[NOTE: This document is updated on May 1, 2023]


Hubbard’s View of Dynamics

The concept of DYNAMICS by Hubbard is a perfect human-centric view of life and existence. It is built on the idea of human self.

Centered on the human self is the family, then human groups of increasing sizes, and then the whole mankind. These are the first four dynamics.

At fifth dynamic we have life other than mankind. It provides us with a human-centric view of life.

At sixth and seventh dynamics we find a sharp division between spirit and matter. This again is a human-centric view that elevates spirit over matter. They are looked upon as separate existences that interact to produce life.

At eighth dynamic we have the concept of Supreme Being. It is the concept of pure Cause that produces the universe. It projects itself outwards as spirit which impinges on dead and inert matter to produce life.

The human-centric view projects humanlike “beingness” as Cause of this universe.


KHTK View of Dynamics

KHTK is the product of Subject Clearing. The purpose of Subject Clearing is to remove anomalies to improve upon the existing definitions. These definitions come closest to outlining the postulates that underlie this universe. Upon the awareness of these postulates depend our freedom as mankind.

KHTK defines the dynamics to be the subdivisions of postulates underlying this universe. The earliest postulates form the eighth dynamic. As postulates evolve, we get the dynamics seven to one. The first dynamic comprises of the latest postulates. 


The Eighth Dynamic

The Eighth Dynamic is the dynamic of the Unknowable. God is indeed unknowable. KHTK defines the UNKNOWABLE as follows,

Neither the cause nor the beginning of this universe is knowable. There is Inscrutable Power that keeps this universe running eternally; but, neither religion nor science has any clue to it. The Unknowable excites the curiosity to know the true nature of things. Knowledge is then derived from postulating what might be there, and building up a consistent set of postulates. Unknowable simply means that no matter how much you know, there is always something more to know. And that is wonderful because it makes one strive to achieve a deeper understanding. 

The Eighth Dynamics includes all other dynamics. KHTK defines the UNIVERSE as follows,

All matter, energy, space, time and thoughts that make up the universe, are the outcome of a consistent set of postulates and the reasoning based on them. The universe includes everything physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing is excluded. The root meaning of the word UNIVERSE is “entire, all, literally, turned into one.” The Universe is ONE means that the reality, which forms the universe, is continuous, consistent and harmonious.

The source of postulates is considered to be beingness; but beingness applies to all dynamics. KHTK defines BEINGNESS as follows,

The beingness is existing-ness. It applies to all dynamics, but we use it  mostly in the context of the first dynamic (self or individuality). An individual, also called a being, is a system of postulates acting as “body-mind-viewpoint.” The power of a being comes from its ability to postulate and to make those postulates consistent.

“Cause-effect” is a dimension of the universe. KHTK defines the ultimate “Cause” as follows, 

The ideas of cause and effect come about when a previous manifestation changes into a subsequent manifestation. The idea of “ultimate Cause” applies to the manifestation previous to the universe, which is “unknowable.” Otherwise, cause and effect apply to everything within the universe. It would be nice to think of Eighth Dynamic as “absolute cause” but that appears to be inconsistent, as there are no absolutes.

The Eighth Dynamic is the universe and the unknowable beyond.


The Seventh and Sixth Dynamics

The major aspects of the Universe are:

  1. The impulse to evolve: The Seventh Dynamic
  2. The evolving substance: The Sixth Dynamic

These two dynamics go hand-in-hand. Every bit of existence has awareness (the element of Seventh Dynamic), and motion (the element of Sixth Dynamic). Even inanimate matter is composed of awareness and motion at atomic level.

The awareness (or spirit) cannot be isolated as some absolute condition existing by itself. It would be nice to think of spirit as “superior” but that appears to be a human-centric fixation.

The Seventh and Sixth Dynamics describe the two key dimensions of the Eighth Dynamic.


The Fifth Dynamic

The Seventh and Sixth Dynamics evolve together from simplicity toward complexity.


Origin: “to unroll, open, unfold”. To evolve is to develop gradually. The cycles in this universe lead to evolution from simple to more complex and sophisticated. Thus we have electromagnetic radiation, fundamental particles, elemental atoms, inorganic molecules, organic molecules, viruses, cells, organisms, plants, animals and finally thoughtful humans.

The Fifth Dynamic describes the evolution of awareness and motion as life.


The Fourth Dynamic

The peak of this evolution is the human kind. The deep awareness appears only at the level of humans in the form of knowingness. Humans as the Fourth Dynamic seems to be where life has evolved up till now. It is a very complex combination of motion and awareness.

The Fourth Dynamic describes the evolution of life as thought and knowingness.


The Third Dynamic

Human species operated at first on instincts alone. Interaction with different geographies and climates produced different races over time. As human awareness evolved under different conditions, different cultures and political subdivisions came about.

The Third Dynamic came about as human awareness evolved into races, cultures and political groups.


The Second Dynamic

Families have been the product of cultural evolution. It provided an environment in which children could be raised to become productive members of the society. The sex act was always there, but the family structure now provided a better organization of the need to reproduce, protect and rear children.

The Second Dynamic came about as a better organization of the need to reproduce, protect and rear children.


The First Dynamic

Human ability to solve problems also evolved with awareness. With this ability arose differences among people and thus the sense of individuality. The earliest focus was on areas of basic sustenance, such as, food, shelter and security. This was followed by barter. Communities evolved around these needs and the knowledge to meet them. Travel required the study of stars in heavens as guides. Birth and death lead to speculations. Religion became a repository of knowledge and a guide to social organization. Increasingly, problems were solved by individuals. Self was perceived as the source of action.

The First Dynamic came about with the recognition of problem-solving abilities.



As the individual problem-solving abilities have grown, so have the knowledge and awareness of the Universe. Science has focused on improving physical comforts of life because it is easier to look deeper when you are physically comfortable. Also it is easier to look at the physical phenomena objectively than the spiritual phenomena. The direction is to increasingly look deeper into the spiritual phenomena to further improve the problem-solving abilities.

To improve problem-solving abilities we need to start looking at the spiritual phenomena more scientifically.



The Eighth Dynamic has essentially evolved into the seven dynamics below it. It is the evolution of motion and awareness toward increasing complex configurations. Trouble spots occur when inconsistencies are introduced due to trial and error, and harmony is disturbed. But that is part of evolution.

An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

An anomaly is natural to evolution. Resolution of anomalies spurs the evolution.



The Universe is a spectrum of motion and awareness. It seems to come about as a transition from no motion and non-awareness. It may transition back into no motion and non-awareness. The expanded Eighth Dynamic shall include motion and awareness as well as no-motion and non-awareness.

The expanded Eighth Dynamic consists of the Universe cycling between awareness and non-awareness.


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  • vinaire  On October 24, 2014 at 11:35 AM

    Let’s say human beingness is the most dominating reality at the moment. How has awareness-motion progressed to appear as the human beingness?

    How does a Human being come about? The body? The self?
    How does a life form come about? Its animated functions?
    How does a macromolecule come about? Its life giving functions
    How does a molecule and its complex forms come about? Its inanimate properties?
    How does a single atom and its condensing shells come about? And the properties per the periodic table?
    How does an electron come about?
    How do fundamental particles come about?
    Why certain fundamental particles don’t exist alone?
    How does a photon come about? What is structure of a photon?

    Maybe a filter starts with what it assumes to be there in the absence of true knowledge.

    How does a thought come about from the motion of awareness? Is it like a photon forming from the motion of an electromagnetic wave?

    Is thought formed because awareness is looking at itself? That would be like wave motion interacting with itself and producing a standing wave.


  • vinaire  On December 19, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    I have updated the OP to clarify it further.


  • vinaire  On January 16, 2015 at 2:59 PM

    The way I see it, each one of us is this universe.

    The attention of the universe gets fragmented and fixed on smaller parts. So, one thinks that one is just a body. One looks at other bodies and their attention, and thinks that all of them are separate entities. Thus, we, by identifying only with a part of this universe, feel alienated from all other parts.

    Scientology denies the fixed attention on the body, and fixes the attention on an abstract concept of a thetan. It tries to make one feel that one is not the body and that one can be outside the body. It exploits the feeling that comes with “out-of-the-body” experiences.

    The truth is that one is the awareness of this universe. The physical universe is the outward expression of that awareness. One is truly the universal THETA-MEST in complete harmony. THETA is subjective aspect of the universe. MEST is the objective aspect of the universe.

    But Hubbard injects his human-centric bias into THETA-MEST theory. He divides them into two absolutes, puts them in a senior-junior relationship, Introduces a conflict between them, and then presents Scientology as a solution to resolve that conflict.

    People have conflicts because of their fixed attentions on many many levels. The situation is not as simplistic as Hubbard makes it. You don’t get enlightened by ignoring all your fixed attentions and simply focusing on operating outside the body on a permanent basis.

    MEST is not the enemy. The body has not trapped you as a thetan. There is simply the attention that has become centered on the body, but it can be broadened to not only to include other bodies in the vicinity but also to include the whole society, mankind, all life, and the whole universe. All along the way you are both THETA and MEST in harmony. You are the complete universe made of both physical and spiritual aspects. You are not just the physical universe. You are all the eight dynamics.


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