KHTK Key Words: Dynamic 7

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

The Seventh Dynamic Key words are:

Absolute, Seventh Dynamic, Oneness, Beingness, Viewpoint, Thought, Religion, God, Dimension, Duality, Cause-Effect, Static-Kinetic, Truth, Aesthetics


Origin: “free, unrestricted, unconditioned.” Absolute means free from imperfection, restriction or limitation. The presence of unknowable means that  nothing is absolute in this universe. Everything is relative, conditioned and impermanent. There is no unchanging, everlasting, absolute substance like Self, Soul, or Ātman within or without. To think that you will live forever as a being is an anomaly.

The Seventh dynamic is the key characteristic of ONENESS of the system of postulates generated to know per the Eighth Dynamic. This characteristic of ONENESS underlies the knowable universe.

Oneness means that the universe is continuous, consistent and harmonious.

The components of beingness are awareness, attention and viewpoint. The broadest beingness is the Eighth Dynamic, which is everything unknowable and knowable. A narrower beingness is the Seventh Dynamic, which is ONENESS as the characteristic of the system of postulates underlying the knowable universe. As we go down the dynamics, the beingness becomes still narrower, but increasingly complex and discrete. 

The viewpoint is the “center” of a system of postulates. It is generally referred to as the frame of reference of the self (beingness). On Seventh Dynamic, the viewpoint is universal oneness. It may be compared to the omniscient God of religion. As we go down the dynamics, the viewpoint narrows until it becomes individualistic on the First Dynamic.

Origin: “to know.” In the dimension of thought we have postulates, considerations, axioms, principles, theories, hypotheses, data, concepts, ideas, experiences, perceptions and sensations. All these “objects” in the dimension of thought have substance. This substance itself may be referred to as thought

Religion is the Seventh dynamic of a culture. It consists of a set of beliefs to which the followers of the religion are strongly devoted. The key belief is usually expressed in the form of a superhuman agency (God), which is assumed to be the cause of this universe. The beliefs are generated to understand the nature of God. Religion prescribes practices, rituals, and codes of conduct that would, hopefully, bring one closer to this understanding. 

Origin: “To call, invoke.” The Semitic religions believe in one God, which implies ONENESS of creation (the universe). God personifies the cause of the universe. It is assigned infinity of attributes. God exists throughout the universe.

dimension represents a continuously varying characteristic, such as, distance and temperature. The universe is made of an infinity of dimensions. A dimension can be plotted mathematically on a scale. A dimensional scale extends in two opposite directions, such as, East-West, hot-cold, etc. 

Duality means a dual state or quality, such as, hot-cold and good-evil. A duality is formed from the two opposite ends of a dimension. To see duality simply as two opposite items omits seeing the continuity of the dimension between them. That is an anomaly. See DIMENSION.

Cause-effect is a duality. They may be looked upon as the two ends of the dimension of states of existence. On this dimension, there is a previous state followed by the next state. The previous state may be perceived as the cause, and the next state may be perceived as its effect. Thus, in a sense cause transforms into effect. Scientology, however, looks at cause-effect in terms of cause point-effect point, where the two points (or terminals) remain static and some action flows from the cause point to the effect point.

Static-kinetic is a duality. The kinetic is pegged around static. For example, a confusion is “kinetic” that is pegged around the “static” of a stable datum. To bring the confusion under control one simply needs to establish a stable datum. The ultimate stable datum on the Dynamics is ONENESS, which is applied to the system of postulates. In Scientology, the ultimate stable datum is STATIC, which is defined as “an actuality of no mass, no wave-length, no position in space or relation in time, but with the quality of creating or destroying mass or energy, locating itself or creating space, and of re-relating time.” 

Origin: “fidelity.” Truth is seeing things as they are. Truth has to do with “consistency”. Truth is seeing that the two seemingly opposite items are two ends of the same dimensional scale. The clearer is the perception the higher is the level of truth.

Aesthetics arises with harmony among dimensions. It translates into the arts.


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