KHTK Key Words: Dynamic 8

Reference: The Eight Dynamics

The Eighth Dynamic Key words are:

Unknowable, Postulate, Knowable, Eighth Dynamic, Universe, Reality, Anomaly


Neither the cause nor the beginning of this universe is knowable. There is Inscrutable Power that keeps this universe running eternally; but, neither religion nor science has any clue to it. Unknowable excites the curiosity to know the true nature of things. Unknowable simply means that no matter how much you know, there is always something more to know. And that is wonderful because it makes one strive to achieve a deeper understanding. 

A postulate is a self-created truth based on which further reasoning is done. The purpose of postulate is to give form to the unknowable to fill the gaps in the knowable. The postulate may develop into a system of postulates and theories. Everything that we know is based on this system of postulates. To be valid, a postulate must be consistent with all other postulates.

A postulate becomes knowable when it is manifested. Therefore, knowable is something manifested that can be further defined. 

The Eighth dynamic is the continuous transition from unknowable to knowable through the solving of anomalies. This brings about a continual sense of ecstasy. Here we have the impulse TO KNOW. In terms of knowledge, there is NOTHING ABSOLUTE in the knowable universe because the unknowable is always there.

Origin: “entire, all, literally, turned into one.” The universe refers to all that is manifested and knowable. It includes all matter, all energy, all space, all time, and all thought. In other words, the universe includes everything physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing manifested is excluded from the universe. It is the whole existence treated as ONE.

Origin: “actual, having physical existence.” Reality is the system of postulates that we have inherited and continue to build upon. Our reality defines the universe for us. 

Origin: “irregular.” An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).


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  • Chris Thompson  On January 26, 2023 at 12:01 AM

    We should remember that there are perfectly good adjectives that are descriptive without making unknowable judgements toward future knowledge.


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