Auditing and Meditation

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

The first exercise in Scientology is TR0. This exercise underlies all of Scientology Tech. Auditing works only when the preclear keeps his TR0 in.

And what is TR0? It is the meditative approach to contemplating. It is confronting what is there. It is seeing things as they are. When the preclear is asked an auditing question, that is what the preclear does.

At least that is how I approached auditing and I got fast results in the beginning. It became “grinding” later because I didn’t need that process any more.

So, what is Scientology’s contribution to meditation? It is basically telling a person what to meditate on. The other part of Scientology’s contribution is to keep the person’s attention on the subject he is meditating on.

When you are prescribing to a person the subject to meditate on, the difficulty comes about in the following areas:

  1. Knowing the right subject for the person to meditate on.
  2. Keeping the person’s attention on that subject until results are obtained.
  3. Once the results are gotten, going back to step (1) again.

I was lucky to get started on Dianetic auditing. I got wonderful results in my first 40 hours of auditing, but then I was kept on Dianetic auditing for hundreds of more hours with no results. Finally I was declared Dianetics Clear. and put on Scientology Grades. I had great results right away followed by many more hours with no results. Luckily, I did not go for OT levels, which are famous for auditing that one grinds through..

If one can master the discipline of SUBJECT CLEARING, one may go through the whole Scientology bridge pretty fast with great results, on his own. I am sure of it.


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