Body Thetan

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

The definition of BODY THETAN gets its force from the definition of THETAN.  Per the HISTORY OF MAN, a thetan is a viewpoint associated with a whole track entity. Therefore, a BODY THETAN also represents a viewpoint associated with an entity, such as, the dramatic personnel in an engram. These “dramatic personnel” are dramatized intimately by the body. This may explain the insertion of “body” in “body thetan.”



Hubbard defines BODY THETAN as follows. Let’s look at each definition carefully.

“BT 1. by BODY THETAN is meant a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control. BTs stick to pictures, other BTs and clusters. A BT can go into a valence of anything – BTs can be being anything at all.”

A BT is modifying the expression of the thetan through the body is some way. 

“BT 2. Body thetans are just thetans. When you get rid of one he goes off and possibly squares around, picks up a body or admires daisies. He is in fact a sort of cleared being. He cannot fail to eventually, if not at once, regain many abilities. Many have been asleep for the last 75 million years.” 

A BT is more like a dormant ancient circuit.

“BT 3. Huge amounts of charge have already been removed from the case and the body thetans by Clearing and OT 1 and OT 2 to say nothing of engrams and lower grades.” 

BTs are deeper and more generalized impressions than engrams.

“BT 4. The pc cognites he is not running his own incident but a body thetan. This requires only TR 4 as it is only an origin.”

BTs are earlier identities different from the current identity of the person.

“BT 5.  BTs are sometimes not very bright and perceive poorly.”

BTs as identities are, sometimes, not very bright.

“BT 6.  If a Pre-OT can put his attention on a BT and blow it off, without even working too hard at it, BTs, with their attention must be sort of blindly in-drawn.”

BTs as identities must be shy and introspective.



It appears that BTs are identities that were assumed sometime or the other by the person. They are like memes. They influence the person under the radar. They could be simple or complex. They could be active or dormant. 

In a session one assumes that BTs are there and addresses them telepathically. One seems to get some kind of a response both telepathically and on the e-meter. It is like experiencing what one expects. So one may be looking at one’s own expectation—hidden or otherwise. There is definitely some, almost imperceptible, reaction in the body, which is picked up by the e-meter.

The idea of BT helps break the engram down, so it is easier to run through straight memory. These are fixed viewpoints embedded in a person’s psyche. They need to be approached in a very relaxed manner.

Mystery gets attached to BTs because they are part of confidential materials of Scientology, but one may simply look at areas of pains and sensations in the body more closely and sense the associated intentions or viewpoints. Obviously, you want to differentiate yourself from such intentions that are now influencing you adversely.

Body Thetans have the harmonics of “you reap what you sow” or “karma.”


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