The Matrix Approach

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

A matrix is a system of infinite number of elements, with each element capable of being a matrix in its own right.

This system is simple, yet it allows enough complexity to describe the Universe. Such complexity is necessary to address the anomalies existing in our view of the universe.

An anomaly is a variance between the way something appears and the ONENESS that should be there.

The anomaly is hidden under unreal beliefs and strange rituals. A doubt, uncertainty, confusion, contradiction, dissonance, conflict, etc., all point to some anomaly. Resolution of anomalies leads back to a natural equilibrium.


Resolving Anomalies

To resolve the anomalies in an area, one must identify them precisely. To do so one first examines the postulates existing in that area. 

A postulate is a self-created truth based on which further reasoning is done. The postulates reconstruct the universe in our awareness. We experience a rock being solid. So we postulate the concept of solidity based on that experience. We then apply that concept to other things.

The objects of the universe are perceived based on our fundamental experience and postulates. Any anomaly exists only among the postulates that we have formed based on our experience. The postulates are found in the concepts supporting a subject. These concepts are expressed through Key words.

So, the first step of the matrix approach to resolve anomalies is to make a list of the key words in the area of interest. This list may consist of just three words or as many as fifteen to twenty words. 

One then defines these words until all definitions are consistent with each other. The definitions are placed in a glossary for that area.

The words are then arranged in a sequence in which their definitions make the most sense. This is called the Key words list.

The definitions are continually refined throughout this process to make them increasingly consistent with each other.

As one continues with the above process the anomalies start to appear.

One then resolves the anomalies one by one, by closely examining the relationships among the key words and their definitions. This may require research, contemplation and even meditation.

It is likely that one may discover gaps among the definitions. So, one finds appropriate key words and their definitions to fill such gaps.

As the anomalies get resolved the complex situation starts to clear up.

The process follows a natural gradient such that there is no overwhelm at any point.


The Ultimate Background

The ultimate background is uniformly consistent on a universal scale.

(1) It is connected at all points. There are no discontinuities in it.

(2) It is consistent throughout. There are no contradictions.

(3) It is harmonious. There are smooth gradients at all points.

All theories that are consistent are part of this background. Such theories are also consistent with each other.

Anything that stands out against this background is then immediately recognized as an anomaly. An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

Once recognized, the anomaly may be resolved by making it consistent with the background,

The lesser are the anomalies in one’s thinking, the sharper is the power of observation of that person; and the more he can be counted upon to solve problems.


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