The Unknowable and “I”

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

The starting postulate of the Matrix Model to grasp the Unknowable is:


Actually, the universe, by its very definition, is ONE. The dictionary defines the origin of the universe as follows:

1325–75; Middle English < Old French univers < Latin ūniversum, noun use of neuter of ūniversus entire, all, literally, turned into one, equivalent to ūni- one + versus (past participle of vertere to turn)

From this starting postulate arise other postulates. For example, this universe is knowable because it is manifested. That which is not manifested is unknowable. All that is knowable is connected with each other. Wherever we notice discontinuity, inconsistency or disharmony, there is an anomaly. When there is an anomaly, something is missing from our knowledge and understanding; and so on.

Thus, from the starting postulate, there comes about a system of postulates. These postulates may be arranged in a matrix. Each postulate may be seen as an element of this matrix.

This procedure repeats itself with each postulate in this matrix. In other words, each postulate in this matrix may generate its own system of postulates, which may, in turn, be arranged in a sub-matrix. This recursive process may continue this way to an infinite number of levels of sub-matrices, until this system of postulates is able to describe the whole universe in a consistent fashion.

Does thus recursion go in the other direction as well, meaning, is the starting postulate itself is an element of a larger matrix? This is quite possible. It shall lead us into a path of tremendous discoveries.

For now, we may look at the universe as consisting of an infinity of elements, and all these elements relate with each other to make a consistent whole.

This is the matrix model in a nutshell.


The Being or “I”

The Being or “I” is a system of postulates that may be conceived as a matrix. This system of postulates may contain some degree of inconsistency. The aim of “I” is to make itself “complete.” In other words, the aim of “I” is to remove all inconsistencies from its system.

That is what my aim as a being or “I” is. I am a system of postulates that may be conceived as a matrix. My aim is to spot and resolve all inconsistencies in myself. At that point I shall be able to merge smoothly into the universal system of postulates, or matrix.


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