The Universe & Beingness

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This Key Word List and Glossary considers the universe and its beingness. The essence of beingness is awareness.


Key Word List

Beingness, Reality,  Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Thought, Self, Viewpoint, Identity, Individuality, Ego, “I”



A manifestation means that it has a beingness. Every bit of existence is being, and it is aware of other bits of existence as part of the same universe. In humans, the beingness is very complex and sophisticated. A human being is a bundle of abilities.

The reality of beingness is expressed as matter, energy, space, time and thought.

Matter is the solidity of the beingness. That means what is being is staying fixed. 

Energy is the changeability of the beingness. That means what is being is changing continually.

Space is the scope and dimensions of the beingness. That means what is being has extents and properties.

Time denotes the persistence of the beingness and the successive changes it undergoes. That means what is being is existing and evolving. 

Thought is the consideration of beingness. It is made of associations in the mental matrix.

Self is the thought considering its own nature. In humans, self is the center of the mental matrix.

The viewpoint is the frame of reference, which the self uses to view things. 

Origin: “same, always being itself.” When self ascertains what it is, it acquires an identity. Identity is condition that identifies something. In humans, identity is the character as to who a person is, and the qualities, beliefs, etc., that distinguish that person. 

The individuality of a person is part of his identity as it distinguishes him from others of his kind. Individuality is determined by the uniqueness of the mental matrix.

Ego is an identity with an introverted and fixed viewpoint.

“I” is the “center of awareness” of the mental matrix. This concept is similar to the concept of “center of mass” of a solid object in Physics.


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