The Universe & Beginning

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This Key Word List and Glossary considers the universe and its beginning. We may only speculate on this subject based on the reasoning provided below.


Key Word List

Manifest, Begin, Unknowable, Change, Cause & Effect, End, Cycle, Evolution



Origin: “detected in the act, evident, visible”. Manifest means readily perceived by the eye or the understanding. We become aware of the universe upon its manifestation.

The universe began with a manifestation. In other words, the universe began with awareness.

That, which is before the beginning of the universe. It cannot be known because it is not manifested. It is different from “unknown,” which is something manifested but not known. 

Starting from the beginning there are successive changes.

Cause & Effect
When there is a previous manifestation that changes into a subsequent manifestation, we have the ideas of cause and effect. The idea of CAUSE applies to the “previous manifestation”, which is “unknowable” for the universe itself. Otherwise, cause and effect apply to everything within the universe. 

Within the universe a manifestation ends when it changes to another manifestation. 

A cycle is something that repeats. Begin-Change-End is the most basic cycle. A cycle can be viewed only from a viewpoint independent of that cycle. Thus, we can see cycles within the universe of which we are not a part. Since we are not independent of the universe; we may only speculate on the cycle of the universe. We cannot say if the universe has a beginning or an end. For us, the universe begins with awareness, and ends in non-awareness. 

Origin: “to unroll, open, unfold”. To evolve is to develop gradually. The cycles in this universe lead to evolution from simple to more complex and sophisticated. There is evolution from inanimate objects to self-animated organism. The self-animated organism evolve from the vegetable and the animal kingdoms to humans. The peak of this evolution is the human kind. The deep awareness appears only at the level of humans in the form of knowingness.

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