Reality and Anomaly

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

Earlier, in an overview, the following was stated:

We do not know what the exact form of a complete universe may look like. So, we postulate a ONENESS as expressed by the word UNIVERSE (entire, all, literally, turned into one). That means, the reality of the universe is a unity. This translates as the universe being continuous, consistent and harmonious. ~Mind and the Universe

The mental matrix is a copy of the universe. According to the postulate above, the mental matrix is continuous, consistent and harmonious in all its dimensions. Since the mental matrix forms our reality,

The ideal scene of reality is that it is continuous, consistent and harmonious. 

Any discontinuity, inconsistency or disharmony shall point to an anomaly within the mental matrix and in our reality. The dictionary defines “anomaly” as something irregular, odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc. It is an incongruity or inconsistency. In Subject Clearing, ANOMALY is defined more precisely as follows:

An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

The anomalies that we notice in the “external world” are actually anomalies in how we perceive the external world. These anomalies are resolved when we look at the situation more closely and obtain the actual experience.

Science uses the scientific method, consisting of observation and experimentation, to resolve anomalies in the “external world”.

The anomalies that we notice in ourselves, are actually anomalies in the mental matrix. Such anomalies make it difficult for the person to think rationally and resolve the anomalies in perception (external anomalies). These anomalies are resolved when we recognize the past impressions not fully assimilated in our mental matrix.

The resolution of anomalies in the mental matrix is the domain of meditation in ancient Yoga, the psychoanalysis in psychology, and the auditing in Scientology. 

In general, an anomaly flags the presence of an impression on the mental matrix that is not fully assimilated. The unassimilated impression usually takes the form of  a fixed idea, anxiety or pain. It is usually covered up by a justification or an assumption. When one spots the assumption and tracks it down, the impression assimilates, and the anomaly resolves. 

Subject clearing is about discovering anomalies in the subject we are interested in and resolving them through various methods that allow us to inspect them more closely. 


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