Mind and the Universe

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

Normally, the mind perceives the environment, assesses its condition, and directs the body to perform activities to resolve the situation perceived. 

The “environment” includes the body in the sense that the mind monitors the body to maintain it in good condition. The “environment” also includes the mind itself in the sense that the mind monitors itself to keep it clear of any doubt, perplexity and confusion.

But how does the mind do it? What structure of the mind lends support to its functions?



The universe enters the mind through the sense channels of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. These sensations are then used to make a copy of the universe within the mind. This copy is multi-dimensional, which is continually being added to little bit at a time. This copy is an approximation of what the universe may be like. This approximation is getting better and more complete all the time with the combined effort of mankind.

We do not know what the exact form of a complete universe may look like. So, we postulate a ONENESS as expressed by the word UNIVERSE (entire, all, literally, turned into one). That means, the reality of the universe is a unity. This translates as the universe being continuous, consistent and harmonious.

The property of continuous, consistent and harmonious gives us a criterion by which to measure if the copy of the universe in our mind is complete and exact.

Therefore, we start with the view that everything in this universe is connected with everything else at some level. The universe is a well-integrated system.


Mind: A Copy of the Universe

The universe may be conceived as a matrix.

A matrix is made up of nodes where each node is in some relationship with every other node. The universe may be represented as a matrix of galaxies that are related through gravity. A galaxy may be represented as a matrix of stars. The matrix of stars may be extended by planets and their moons. We get an object, such as a moon, represented by a matrix of atoms. An atom is represented by a matrix of quanta. Finally, a quantum is represented by a matrix of frequencies. A copy of the universe within the mind may similarly be visualized as a matrix within matrix.

The gives us a model of the universe and the mind as a matrix within matrix ad infinitum.

Therefore, the mind may be looked upon as a mental matrix that is a copy of the universal matrix.


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