Restoring the Vedas

The first commentary on the Vedas was Brahmanas Upanishads. Vedas are eternal, they are always there. In a sense, THE VEDAS are a fully assimilated universal matrix, of which the individual mental matrix is a part. (Part 1) 21.06.06


Even when not all knowledge is spelled out in the Vedas, the seeds of knowledge are there. From those seeds the knowledge has been evolving. According to Vedas the real knowledge is that which can be used to rise from mortality to immortality. Immortality is the highest attainment. (Part 2) 21.06.06


Immortality has something to do with the physical being. This physical being breaks its limits. When the limits are broken it opens out to the light. It becomes very wide in its consciousness that is infinite. This is Vedic immortality.

. (Part 3) 21.06.06

What is the individual in relation to cosmic? There are cycles within cycles within cycles, The topmost cycle that contains all the other cycles is the closest to immortality. When the topmost cycle within one is integrated with all the cycles that it contains than one has reached the ultimate depth of individuality. (Part 4) 21.06.06 


It is not just the immortality of the spiritual being, or the mental being that one is after. The ultimate immortality that Vedas are after, is the immortality of the whole body-mind-spirit system. The body must also be part of that immortality. This is central to the understanding of the Vedas. (Part 5) 21.06.06


Ignorance occurs and bondage is created during the process of evolution because it is all based on trial and error. And it is upon reviewing the trial and error process and sorting it out that knowledge comes about and ignorance and bondages are dissolved. The purpose of being on earth is to immortalize this whole earth system and not to run away from it. (Part 6) 21.06.06


The Vedic rishis  had reached this point where even body could be immortalized, but the evolutionary process does not end there. The task is the immortalization of all the body-mind-spirit systems in an integrated form. Veda talks about widening of the consciousness of the physical being. Emphasis on this idea is the newness of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. The evolution must lead to a new kind of body that is immortal. (Part 7) 21.06.06


End of the lecture series. (Part 8) 21.06.06


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