A History of Man: Chapter Seven

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER SEVEN from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



THE TYPES OF INCIDENTS found on the theta line are somewhat different than the auditor has been accustomed to running in present life processing. The elements contained in those incidents are the same—thought, emotion, effort, counter thought, counter-emotion, counter-effort, attention Units and counter-units. The emphasis, however, is upon attention units and counter-units. The reason for this is rather obvious.

In running whole track incidents, the emphasis is upon attention units and counter-units. According to LRH, attention unit is “a theta energy quantity of awareness existing in the mind in varying quantity from person to person.”

How would you go about nearly killing an almost immortal being? It would require about the heaviest force possible. The tone scale above two contains perception, below two there is little or no perception beyond attention units. Here is the occluded case. The individual himself may be running on a higher harmonic of his occluded tone—but the incidents which must be run to restore his perception in incidents are all too heavy to contain much in the way of perception. Hence, the tracking of attention units and the skills necessary to that are the requisites in running theta track incidents. Further, so heavy are these facsimiles that even when using “mock-ups”, one must be very conversant with TECHNIQUE 80, for the incidents hang up when the motivator is run too long or when the overt or DED are run too long. (Old time incidents were said to go into recession. This is because they had an overt motivator opposite from them which had to be run.)

The auditor never really understands apathy, fear or anger until he has run the heavy facsimiles of the theta line. It is not that they affect the preclear more strongly—they do not. It is that they are so heavy they can be like so much glue or hardwood. Reversing to the opposite incident, to the overt from the motivator, from the motivator to the overt alone makes it possible to run theta line.

One cannot perceive unassimilated impressions until they start to assimilate. Whole-track facsimiles are occluded because they are hard to assimilate. The motivator is always the impression itself, and overt is the dramatization of it that creates another impression. Overt and motivator must be run alternately to assimilate the whole-track facsimile.

One might have known for a very long time how far back this theta line went and how serious were the incidents upon it. But it would have done him no good to know about these incidents for, without attention unit running, which I developed only a short time ago, the incidents would not be runnable at all.

There were two ways of running a case: one was to unburden it until the natural resurgence of the individual keyed out the lower, heavier incidents, the other was to run the incidents no matter how heavy they were. The theta line, then, could not be audited at all until attention unit running and overt acts had been developed and refined for auditor application. The first method of unburdening is the one which auditors have been doing wholly whether they realized it or not. The other one of cleaning up the incidents themselves, the very bottom basics of the chains has not been in use because it couldn’t be. Thus, Dianetics was kept to one life until such time as the entire mechanical aspect of the lower track could be examined, and techniques developed for resolving it. Of course, these techniques, if they resolve heavy incidents, resolve lighter ones as well, and so a revolution in processing can be announced which, if you MUST process only the current life, will resolve it in most cases in five or ten hours of processing. If it doesn’t resolve, then the auditor simply doesn’t know 8-8008 and that’s all there is to it.

Despite the fact that they are heavy, that they are strange, theta line incidents are easy to audit IF the auditor knows 8-8008. If the incidents are very hard to run, then the auditor DOESN’T know 8-8008.

There is just one warning about theta line-incidents: you are auditing the theta “body”, not the MEST body. It is theoretically possible to run an incident out of the theta being which is too much for the MEST body. A MEST body which has a weak heart had better be audited in this lifetime only until his heart condition entirely vanishes. Some of the theta line incidents kick back so hard against the MEST body that the preclear is sure he will not live through them. If the auditor doesn’t balance the overt against the motivator in 80, if he runs one side too strongly and heavily and really drives in the somatic, he may be embarrassed by making a theta clear before his time—the body still lying about but not breathing.

The incident can be run only when the person, actually, puts his attention units on it. Heavy whole-track incidents can be run only by balancing the overt against the motivator.

The incidents themselves contain some things the auditor should know about. One doesn’t have to be a nuclear physicist to understand these incidents, but the incidents are actually in the realm of nuclear physics.

The auditor must only know the following:

  1. Strong electrical currents produce in the vicinity of their flow what are called MAGNETIC FIELDS. If you wrap an electrical wire around a bar of iron and run current through the wire, you have a magnet. When you put a new piece of iron near this magnet, the FIELD of the magnet snaps the piece of iron up against the magnet.
  2. In the vicinity of any strong current a wide FORCE FIELD exists. If this is intensified (by using great quantities of current) the FORCE FIELD may extend for hundreds of feet or even miles. A radio station is a sort of FORCE FIELD in that it reaches hundreds or thousands of miles out from it. It takes a radio set to pick up or contact this field strongly enough to get a good reaction out of it but actually, this instant, thousands of stations throughout the world are sending force fields through your body. They are too minute to be measured or detected without receiving sets, but they are force fields just the same, wave impulses generated from a central point and extending far out from that point. If a station could generate a billion times the normal current a station uses, you would be able to contact that field physically, it would be so strong.
  3. It is possible for a wave to act as a RETRACTOR. That is to say, it is possible for certain waves to pull back instead of push out. You turn a hose on somebody. This pushes him back. There can exist a wave which, if it were a hose, would pull you up to the nozzle instead of pushing you away. Thetans can put out such a retractor wave.
  4. It is possible to rig up two or three—or one—standing poles which are then activated with a current which will apply a very strong field to anyone in their vicinity. It is then possible to vary these fields to get various patterns of fields or to shift from one field to another to get various angles of attack on an object. A thetan sitting amongst such a field pattern can be very thoroughly battered and rendered unconscious. It is also possible to rig up a post which would have a retractor wave coming out of it and which would pull a thetan into the post and pin him there.
  5. A field is not always visible. “Black band” waves are the destructive waves. These are not visible and they light up nothing.

There are invisible fields that have the effect of pushing and pulling back.

It may occur to the auditor that some of these incidents, as he hears them being run, are very reminiscent of the material which is commonly found among the insane in sanatoria. These people are quite given to chattering about fields and secret waves and telepathy and things being after them with electronic devices. The past ignorance consisted of treating anything an insane person had to say as non-factual data. Today may even say that one is insane to give thought to any circumstances as occur on the theta line. An experienced auditor knows that to make the insane sane it is necessary to run the incidents the insane person is dramatizing. In a brilliant flash of insight someday those in charge of sanatoria may see that the reason the insane chatter about electronics is that electronics are peculiarly adapted to tailor-making insanity and that electronics have been used for unthinkably long times to handle and control beings. Electronics alone can make a truly slave society. Those in charge of sanatoria, in view of the fact that their own figures show that electrical shocks do NO good and have NO beneficial effects upon patients, may someday wonder why they themselves are so violently psychotic on the subject of insisting that the insane be given electronics. Ah, you have it! Those in charge are doing a crude and ineffective dramatization of theta line incidents. Electronics make slaves. If some of these electricity obsessed but electrically ignorant chaps who so gently shepherd our insane really WANT results, I can show them not just how to make a patient tractable, I can show them how to give him total amnesia so that he can then be taught like a child and may become useful in a few months. You can REALLY wipe people out with electronics. Electric shock is so stupid and so childish that one wonders, one wonders.

The fields, referred to as electronics by Hubbard, are somehow related to the cause of insanity among the insane in sanatoria.

So heavy is the concentration on electronics in the theta line, so closely connected with energy behavior is the anatomy of a theta being that only one trained in nuclear physics could have cracked this riddle. And with the data on this theta line, human treatment and the treatment of any life passes entirely into the hands of the electronics experts and out of the hands of the meddlers with minds whose training in electronics ends with knowing how to turn on an electric light and who yet have at this writing the only legislative passports into the craniums of the ill. The era has just begun. Using theta line data, data accumulated from preclears about electronics, wave lengths, practices and social customs, a handful of electronics experts could bring entire nations into their command with very little work—and those trained in yesterday would be completely powerless to stop or even detect that pervasion of command. This is regrettable, perhaps. Maybe all societies go this way. The atom bomb is a toy compared to a device which would turn into soul-less slaves an entire city, an entire nation, an entire world. But instead of hiding this information, one should bring it to light, for if it goes underground only then can it completely have its sway. One does not look for such an enslavement to occur, for you are reading the pages and the technologies which can and will defeat it.

Control of information can control minds. This is done through the use of electronics. We see this control today through social media.

Thus, in running your preclear, keep in mind that he has been, in the PAST, part of societies which had electronics down to a very fine point, which could control the very breathing of their subjects. Recall that he may have been part of a town, for instance, in which any revolutionary, lazy or non-survival thought, if thought would bring him, without will, to the steps of the local thought police station. Remember in processing your preclear that for thousands of years he has played the game of enslaving and being enslaved, and the depths of control were such, the acts in that control were such as to out-soar any mere imaginings from modern literature. Modern science-fiction, even that, is a weak piker compared to the data of the past from which these writers of the future took their plots. A public couldn’t stomach what really went on before Earth. Your preclear isn’t able to stomach it—that’s why he’s forgotten it.

A person’s mind runs on currents flowing through the nerves. There are fields around the person’s body connected to these currents. It is possible to develop electronics that can control a person’s mind through these fields and currents.

What does it take to aberrate a thetan? Thousands and thousands of volts, thousands of amperes, poured into destructive wave lengths and thrown straight in his face. What does it take to get him into a position where he can be aberrated? Trickery, treachery, lies.

It appears that Hubbard is talking about the control of mind through information generated electronically.

Running electronics incidents is not difficult, not if you know 80. But there is a datum which must be repeated here even though it belongs in HOW TO AUDIT.

The definition in Dianetics of INVALIDATION:


By this definition, a man is invalidated by being struck by anything. If he is run into by a car, he is “invalidated”. Any accident invalidates him. Any force which he cannot conquer or oppose invalidates him.

Any force that a person cannot conquer or oppose invalidates him.

Turn to the chart in your HANDBOOK FOR PRECLEARS. Here you see on the CHART OF ATTITUDES, “I KNOW,” “I AM,” “FAITH,” etc. The more the force of an individual is cancelled out by counter-forces, the lower he drifts on this chart. Hit by strong forces, he conceives that he “isn’t.”

FAITH at the top of the chart turns to DISBELIEF at the bottom.

Turn a preclear loose into a heavy theta line incident and what reaction do you get? You get BOTTOM CHART REACTIONS. That is to say, the force is such in the incident that he is utterly unable to combat it, thus he conceives himself utterly invalidated. In such a wise he comes to express in the incident BOTTOM SCALE attitudes. He can’t believe it, he isn’t there, etc., etc. Run any theta line incident with its heavy impacts and your preclear will immediately start to discredit it. Keep him at it, waive aside all his lack of belief and other comments and soon the tone band will rise a notch or two. Keep the tone rising, using overts and motivators, and you eventually get perception and concepts.

Why do you think these theta line incidents got lost? Why can’t a man who has undergone a between-lives battering recall that he lived before? Invalidation by force is the answer. The chart of attitudes will give you your guide.

There is another thing you should know about these incidents and the emotional state of the preclear: he has become in his own eyes so degraded by force invalidation that he has devoted himself to this vegetable thing, the MEST body, as the last-ditch effort to control some part of the environment. HE is invalidated to nothing. So, the BODY has to be something.

Heavy whole-track incidents completely invalidate a person and generate BOTTOM CHART REACTIONS in him. They make him feel degraded.

And there is something else, a scale you should have of invalidation:

CRITICISM AND COUNTER-CRITICISM are the overt and motivator invalidations on the thought level. MISEMOTIONALISM AND COUNTER MISEMOTIONALISM are the overt and motivator invalidations on the emotion level.

PHYSICAL FORCE AND COUNTER-PHYSICAL FORCE are the overt and motivator invalidations on the effort level.

In current or recent lives thought, emotion and effort hang up on the early theta line incidents. If you can’t get a theta line incident of the electronics type to unburden, run criticism and counter criticism in the current life. In general, you will find the preclear has been subjected, as a theta being to enormous invalidation of all his force, power and natural attributes. The rise in tone potential in running the theta line is such that you can expect the preclear to go from low to high on the E-meter after only one or two heavy electronics incidents have been run—but make sure they are theta line and that they happened to the thetan who is the preclear before you.

The intent of other beings was to make this preclear into a willing or unwilling but at least obedient slave or to get him out of the area and keep him running away thereafter or to nail him into complete useless immobility. They wanted him to have good reaction to police threats (and most psychotics go psychotic immediately after a police interview, no matter how innocent it was). They wanted him to leave MEST bodies alone and respect them.

Hubbard looks at MEST bodies to be very degraded. This may be a reflection of stimulus-response character of the body.

On his part your preclear was part and parcel of many societies, took his role in efforts to conquer thetans after he had been conquered. He wanted MEST bodies to be respected now that he had one. He wanted his slaves to be obedient. He wanted beings he didn’t like to start running and keep on running or, barring that, to be immobile MEST thereafter. Your preclear has been guilty himself of any crime or action he protests occurred to him—for by his worry he confesses that whether or not it happened to him, he did it to others.

Your preclear was basically good, happy, ethical and aesthetic before the contagion of the MEST universe got him. Then, still a thetan, he wasn’t very good, but he was still trusting and ethical. Finally, when he had a body—well, look around.

Basically, a person has been reduced from being intelligent to being stimulus-response. The cause of this has to be a lot of degradation. The person has also done to others what has been done to him. This is what we are trying to fix here.

The basic cause of all this confusion is not having the sense of the overall integrity of the universe, which Hubbard calls the Eighth Dynamic, but was unable to explain.


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  • Chris Thompson  On March 14, 2022 at 12:57 PM

    A field is not always visible. “Black band” waves are the destructive waves. These are not visible and they light up nothing.

    There is a quality of our universe which corresponds somewhat to this placeholder description. Astronomers call it dark energy. I do not know that is dark or if it is light, I only know that to date it is invisible and undetectable, save for the mathematics of physics which needs it to make its Newtonian calculations of the universe work.


    • vinaire  On March 14, 2022 at 5:18 PM

      Need more details.


      • Chris Thompson  On March 14, 2022 at 5:58 PM

        Newtonian Physics demands there to be more matter and energy than we can see to provide for the gravity that is calculated to be here. The placeholder for the missing matter and energy is termed “dark” or in other words, invisible, but maybe undetectable is a better adjective.

        I do not think that Hubbard cared much for this physics, but his assertions that there is are invisible fields reminded me of this. In fact, all fields are invisible save for the disturbances in the visible spectrum.

        I am so curious what we will see and how our understanding will grow with the new information that will be collected by James Webb Space Telescope.


        • vinaire  On March 14, 2022 at 6:10 PM

          Space denotes extent of substance. For space to be there, some kind of substance must be there. According to Faraday, the space is filled with gravitational lines of force, which is a very fine substance. There is also Cosmic radiation.


  • Chris Thompson  On March 14, 2022 at 1:02 PM

    The basic cause of all this confusion is not having the sense of the overall integrity of the universe, which Hubbard calls the Eighth Dynamic, but was unable to explain.

    Hubbard explained it fine. He explained that life has the urge to exist and that urge manifests itself in more than 8 ways which he called “dynamic urges.” The Eighth Dynamic is referred to by Hubbard as God or alternately as infinity. Regardless if Hubbard was correct, in error, or some other various degree of true reflection, what he said about the dynamic urges of existence seems perfectly understandable for most of us.


    • vinaire  On March 14, 2022 at 5:24 PM

      Recently, I found the following WHY for the Western mindset.

      In the Western mind the conscious or unconscious stable datum is the first dynamic. In the eastern mind the ultimate stable data is the Eighth Dynamic as the Universe—“The universe is not just physical; it is metaphysical too. The universe includes everything whether physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing is excluded from the universe.”



      • Chris Thompson  On March 14, 2022 at 6:07 PM

        What then is the case for the Indian mindset? What is it then that the Indian does?

        My own mindset is that metaphysical is a misnomer. It assumes that there is something more than or outside of physical. I do not believe in this. I think rather that human exists within a narrow slice of physical. We have no perception to reach outside our physical limitations except for the tools which we make to extend our perception. As we do so, understanding slowly extends and replaces superstition. Superstition has always been the placeholder for objective understanding in my view.

        There are those charlatans who try to convince otherwise, but that is not my understanding.


        • vinaire  On March 14, 2022 at 6:12 PM

          The WHY of Indian mindset has long been IGNORANCE.


        • vinaire  On March 14, 2022 at 6:17 PM

          Theta (thought) is substance, but it is not covered by physics because it is not physical. So, it is classed as metaphysical.


        • Chris Thompson  On March 14, 2022 at 8:01 PM

          Theta (thought) is substance, but it is not covered by physics because it is not physical. So, it is classed as metaphysical.

          Then I do not consider this science but rather an abstract assertion. If it does no harm to believe in such things, if faith stabilizes one’s self, if this type of world view makes one feel better, then I never object. I totally believe that I am a small part in a big and not yet understood theme. I deliberately believe in “higher powers” as a placeholder for future understandings. It is stabilizing and somewhat satisfying. At the same time, I hold the door open a crack so that I can continue to learn. I have practiced at and succeeded in living my life while not knowing what remain as mysteries of life. Like eating only good food, it is difficult to train oneself, but it is gratifying and pays mental dividends, while holding away frustration about all the unanswered questions.


        • vinaire  On March 15, 2022 at 8:50 AM

          It is like any basic assertion in science. We all are a part of the universe (8th dynamic). The universe is not just physical; it is metaphysical too. The universe includes everything whether physical, metaphysical, real, imaginary, postulated or speculated. Nothing is excluded from the universe.

          The universe includes everything that we observe and experience as body, mind and spirit and maybe more. The universe is a single continuous entity. The physical and spiritual aspects of the universe are integrated with each other. The universe has neither a beginning, nor an end.

          The universe manifests and un-manifests in a cyclical fashion. The cyclical nature of the universe is manifested as time. Eternity may be described as “forever” and the state of “absolute rest”. Passage of time may be described as “change” and the state of “motion”. Time is measured in terms of the duration of a cycle.


  • Chris Thompson  On March 15, 2022 at 12:08 PM

    Recently, I found the following WHY for the Western mindset.”

    I also have a theory about the Western mindset, however, my idea is based upon what I think are the reasons for worldwide migration of our species going back millenia.

    Assuming the popular anthropology of an origin in Africa, taking into consideration the explosion of intelligence in the Original Hu-Man primate, and assuming that computers face the same mechanical problems and are inadvertently designed to operate similarly to the human mind, I conjecture the following things:
    1. “Deep Blue” was an IBM computer that was designed to play chess. When
    creating such a machine there were two general strategies that were
    considered. One was to build a powerful computer with
    less smart programming that could win by brute force. This was category A, or
    “Strong but Dumb.”
    2. The other general idea was to build a keenly smart computer utilizing less
    speed. This was category B, or “Weak but Smart.”

    Comparing these two categories to humans, we might say that original man was a brute but not very smart. Yet among his population, just as today, there would arise smarter but physically weaker humans. Because equalizing tools such as sophisticated fighting strategies and weapons were not yet well developed, smarter but weaker man migrated could not successfully compete with brutish man. Needing space to survive, weak-but-smart man emigrated away from the brutes who controlled their society. The ignorant brutes remained behind.

    One can make migration into a complicated proposition, but I prefer my idea that migration and ultimately the “Western mindset” can be distilled to the search for emptier and greener pastures. At least, this is fun to explore.


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