A History of Man: Chapter Six

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER SIX from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



THE HISTORY OF THE THETA LINE is long and interesting. All you really want to know of it, however, is how much of it applies to your preclear. You will be pleased to discover that this is relatively little, a snap of the fingers in time compared to what could be.

The whole track seems to begin about seventy trillion years ago.

In my opinion, the theta line and GE line are one line, which comes forward as the programming in the DNA molecule. The time described by Hubbard is subjective only, and it does not relate to actual earth years.

Thetans like facsimiles just like a Homo Sapiens likes TV. A thetan can take a facsimile and inspect it. He likes to collect them like a bibliophile collects books. Any thetan has purloined packages of facsimiles from other thetans just like schoolboys take pictures of champions away from each other. Thus, your thetan has two things; he has his own record of real experience, of things which actually happened to him; and he has whole banks of “second facsimiles” or photographs he has taken from other thetan banks.

In my opinion, the concept of thetan is the main valence around which the dreamlike content of the whole-track facsimiles is built.

Second facsimiles are complete pictures. They will show up with charge on an E-meter because they also contain the “charge notation”. But the moment you locate the fact that the whole bank of second facsimiles was taken from another being, the preclear stops using them as experience and they no longer show up on the E-meter. The characteristic of the second facsimile on the E-meter then is to show up for a short time, and then, identified as from a “borrowed bank” not register any more.

In my terminology, a facsimile is an unassimilated impression. A second facsimile is an “impression of an impression” that usually appear as a still picture of some long situation. Once second facsimiles are recognized as such, they don’t register anymore.

The best way to knock out second facsimile banks is to run out of the preclear incidents of “borrowing” facsimiles. He’ll have many of these.

A preclear, needing a motivator for some overt act he has done, will start to use a second facsimile as the motivator. It will even give him somatics. A preclear may have as many as eight banks he is using. Identify seven of them as “borrowed” banks and you have him operating then on his own bank. This is the step necessary to get him running on his own actual track.

Sometimes you may find that he has used a second facsimile so much that it has to be run. Run, it shows up as two or three still pictures, not as a moving picture.

The only truly important facsimiles are those which actually happened to the thetan himself, not what he borrowed.

You can plot out as you wish the whole track. Incidents given here in this volume or variations of them will be found on this track.

I do not doubt that these facsimiles are there in terms of anomaly and force; but I would treat their content as “dreams,” and the thetan as the continued valence in that dream. Of course, there are other thetans too.

A common history of the theta line as applied to your preclear starts with his “Separation from the Main Body of Theta”, continues through “Home Universe”, runs into his entrapment by MEST beings and then through life as we know it with its cycle of birth, MEST body living, death, between lives wipe-out and birth again.

So, the thetan is “born” when it separates from a Theta Body. It then creates a “Home universe” for itself. It then gets trapped in a MEST body living through cycles of birth and death. It has a between-lives existence too.

The thetan lives his life in segments: the largest segment is composed of “spirals”; as he goes through the MEST universe he is involved in a series of spirals each one less in terms of years, ordinarily, than the last. The first spiral which occurred 70 or 74 trillion years ago, might have been as long as a trillion years but the next spiral after that was a little shorter. Succeeding spirals each one shortened. The present spiral for most people is about 40,000 years long, although, many are on a longer spiral than this, and not a few are on a very short spiral. The length of this spiral might serve to indicate how much longer the thetan can continue. By a spiral would be meant a more or less continuous cycle of action. A life in a MEST body is a variety of cycles- it is not a spiral, for the preclear’s knowingness often extends to earlier bodies. The first big cycle would be at its probable longest 76 trillion years. This would be sub-divided into spirals, any one of which might comprise more than one lifetime. Spirals could be subdivided into “lives”, such as the current life which is only one division of the current spiral. A whole spiral can get into restimulation in some earlier period just as a past life can get into restimulation in this life. The incidents contained in that whole spiral, then, would be quite important. Sometimes a spiral has ended suddenly and earlier than scheduled for a preclear. This has remained to him as a very bad shock. It would be like a past death but of a very great magnitude. The beginning of this spiral finds the being thinking he is new with universes to conquer and the end of the spiral finds him practically expiring, even as a thetan.

The thetan’s existence may be divided into segments. Each segment is sub-divided into spirals. Each spiral is sub-divided into life cycles in the bodies.

The overt acts of the thetan are “nipping” by which he harasses other thetans, “nipping” MEST beings—which usually kills them dead much to the thetan’s surprise, blanketing of MEST bodies for sexual thrill and other purposes, trapping other thetans after one has become a MEST being and the usual variety of overt acts common on Earth.

Apparently a thetan degrades into a MEST being. That means it degrades from a thinking to a robotic existence.

None of this is very complicated as a history. It is made to LOOK complicated by the existence of “borrowed” banks, entities and “cover-up” actions by the preclear. The main task of the auditor is to get the preclear to identify himself as himself and to identify the actual track of himself. The rest is easy.

Now I see thetan as the valence of the preclear in whole track incidents. The preclear is not this valence.


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