A History of Man: Chapter Eight

Reference: A History of Man

This paper presents CHAPTER EIGHT from the book SCIENTOLOGY: A HISTORY OF MAN by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book in 1952.

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

The heading below is linked to the original materials.



The SPECIFIC INCIDENTS YOU MUST RUN ON THE THETA LINE are directed solely, at this stage, toward attaining a voluntary and controlled separation between the MEST body and the theta body. This is much easier to do than you would at first believe, and the incidents necessary to accomplish it are relatively easy to comprehend and locate.

Separation between the MEST body and the theta body should be interpreted as UNFIXING THE ATTENTION THAT HAD BEEN FIXED ON THE BODY ALL THIS TIME.

Remember that to create a “theta clear,” it is only necessary to bring the being up to a point where it can leave and return upon a MEST body. A cleared theta clear would be a fully cleared thetan, something so much higher on the tone scale than a MEST clear or theta clear that it is difficult to comprehend. A theta clear however, is not difficult to attain. Neither does it guarantee the release of all possible aberrations. A theta clear, some tones higher than anything known before, is yet subject to some aberration and will be until he attains the state of a cleared theta clear. (Thus, don’t invalidate somebody as a theta clear just because he doesn’t act like a saint—he might even be more devilish than ever!)

It is just an illusion that one can leave and return upon a MEST body. It is a matter of your attention being free or not from the body. When your attention is free, you are not even thinking of the body. If a person’s attention is fixed on the body when he thinks he is away from it, he is still glued to the body. There is only one type of clear, and that is a person free of all fixations. Mechanically, the person has no unassimilated impressions left.

Separation from the body! How the mystics have striven for this one! India and “join Nirvana” has given us “techniques” WHICH ARE GUARANTEED TO GLUE A THETAN TO A BODY AS THOUGH RIVETED AND TIED WITH IRON BANDS. So, beware of mysticism and its techniques and yogism. Your hardworking author has been over the jumps and through the hoops of more mysticism than is even suspected and on the ground where mysticism first hit Earth— India, and I can guarantee you that these practices and hopes are a sort of theta trap to keep men in their bodies, in apathy, ill and tied to superstition.

What glues you to the body is your fixed attention because there can’t be any physical separation. There can only be a “thought of physical separation” depending on what you imagine yourself to be.

Theta clearing is about as practical and simple as repairing a shoelace. It is nothing to do with hypnotism, voodooism. charlatanism, monkeyism or theosophy. Done, the thetan can do anything a stage magician can do in the way of moving objects around. But this isn’t attained by holding one’s breath or thinking “right” thoughts or voting Republican or any other superstitious or mystic practice. So, which is the reason I’ve brought it up, rule out, auditor, any mumbo jumbo of mysticism or spiritualism or religion. Rule out anything but good, solid, contactable incidents which are run wholly and entirely with the mechanical techniques of Dianetics with particular attention to 80.

The content of whole-track incidents is like the dreams one has. But the underlying force is real.

The key chart of theta clearing is THE CHART OF ATTITUDES which you will find in the HANDBOOK FOR PRECLEARS. All the straight wire is done from that chart.

The force in these incidents is real because you feel it; but the stories associated with them are unreal.

THE JACK-IN-THE-BOX: Here we have an invader trick, a method of trapping thetans. It is a facsimile scrambler. It is very early, not the earliest, only the earliest invader trick. The thetan area is invaded by MEST beings. The thetans bother the MEST beings, nipping them, etc. The MEST beings use theta traps. One of these is to give to thetans pretty little boxes. These boxes contain a stack of pictures. As thetans are disposed to gather facsimiles, these pictures are very acceptable. The thetan looks over the pictures. He finds they are quite similar one to another. They show, each one, a picture of a box of pictures. When he replaces the lid, the box explodes violently. He instinctively tries to dampen the explosion. He gets his aura of beingness full of pictures which are extremely confusing, being pictures of boxes of pictures. The running of this incident is simple. One keeps the preclear’s attention on the point of explosion, out from him. Of course, this point slams back at him every time he puts his attention on it. You will find a preclear with this in restimulation to be very curious about cereal boxes which have pictures of boxes of cereal which have pictures of boxes of cereal. There may be several such incidents including being near such explosions.

When we put two mirrors facing each other we get a similar effect. It is the nature of the universe to have cycles within cycles ad infinitum. Everyone will encounter this phenomenon in thought. Story lines may differ.

THE OBSESSION: This incident is the incident which gives one the feeling he HAS to have facsimiles in order to know. Actually, one doesn’t need facsimiles. One thinks in concepts, approximations, pervasion. A fine control trick is to make one think he has to have facsimiles. This aberrates him and makes him easy to handle. Educational systems are locks on this. The incident is an electronic incident, very strong, and sometimes includes a great many source points of energy directed against one’s back. Just before it, one KNOWS. The force of the waves themselves, depressing one of the CHART OF ATTITUDES stops one from knowing. This incident gives one an obsession to have facsimiles, to steal facsimiles, to do anything to get facsimiles. One is actually trying to find what one lost in the incident and that was lost by force alone.

A facsimile is an unassimilated impression. Broadly, it appears as a fixation. If you probe a fixation, you will always find something underneath, which needs to be broken down into perceptual elements and assimilated. Facsimiles are created when too many sensations came in too fast and there were not enough attention units to dissolve and assimilate them. The incident is the cover story describing the force of that facsimile. One may get obsessed with facsimiles and their cover story.

WARNING: Don’t ever try to run words or other perceptions out of any electronic incidents. Words are seldom included in them. Communication in such an era was usually by thought transfer, not by words. This is very important.

Electronic incidents are raw force, with no language or words to describe them. The cover story is a later interpretation of the force.

BORROWING: Thetans hold facsimiles very loosely. A high scale thetan can pick up and discard facsimiles at will. Further, a thetan often steals the facsimile chains of another thetan (as a result of the OBSESSION). Thus, we will find, as the primary source of occlusion, the BORROWERS. A thetan puts a retractor beam on another thetan and starts to drag out his facsimiles. The victim feels like he is going to pieces. He, the victim, puts up a black screen to halt the outflow of his facsimiles. The borrower counters by throwing a cone of force above and below his victim pinning him between these two cones as thought to squeeze him out. The black protecting screen usually can be held in place but the facsimiles, like smoke, trickle out around the black screen and to the borrower. The most remarkable thing about this incident is the SLOWNESS with which facsimiles seem to run out. Each facsimile has its own time tab. No matter how rapidly they are leaving these time tabs give the ILLUSION of a very long time. Running up and down one’s time track often gives this illusion. Thus, although the outflow from the victim may be done in seconds, it may seem to take years. The preclear often protests against running this incident because “It takes too long.” Actually, it takes very little time.

Naturally, on the borrower, the overt act must be got as well as the motivator as in all incidents run. If you don’t get the reverse to what you are running, incidents hang up. In the borrower, the overt is the same as the motivator, as the incidents are very similar but with the reverse action. Run the preclear as the borrower and the victim both, one after the other, back and forth, in order to get up the whole of each.

This incident is the source of fear of losing one’s facsimiles, the source of occlusion and the collapse of time tracks.

Facsimiles color a person’s beingness (viewpoint). The person doesn’t even know of their existence. They are occluded because they are not assimilated in the mental matrix. BORROWING appears to be a cover story for some type of forceful impression that one runs out. That impression may be sensed like a headache that takes time to go away. The useful point is that the overt and motivator must be run one after the other, back and forth.

NIPPING: Nipping is a practice much beloved by thetans. They send out two energy streams, like hands, and slap both sides of a victim’s head. This mildly shocks a thetan to which it is done. It can kill a MEST body. This slap is notable for causing ringing in the ears. This predates any invader. It is very early. It also postdates invaders. In running NIPS one is running something very important, for it is a basic on holding on to a MEST body. As in all incidents, when you run the motivator, run the overt afterwards, or vice versa.

This and other incidents may run as cover stories and the force may be felt and run out. Actual belief is not necessary.

BLANKETING: This incident consists of throwing oneself as a thetan over another thetan or over a MEST body. Blanketing is done to obtain an emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in sexual incidents where the thetan throws two MEST bodies together in the sexual act in order to experience their emotions.

This sexual lust comes from THE HALVER. It is very, very strong and is very restimulative in the running. Here is where the second dynamic becomes abated. There is considerable frenzy in these incidents. This is also basic on fastening on to a MEST body or holding a MEST body or protecting MEST bodies. It is an overt act. It has DED’S later than it in almost any sexual activity on the part of the preclear. At times a thetan will blanket a MEST body and hold it so that it can be attacked by another MEST body motivated by another thetan. Later the thetan, having committed this overt act, will start protecting MEST bodies from attacks by thetans. This gives a person great antipathy toward seeing men and women together, lays in a basic on jealousy, etc.

There is a steep emotional curve in blanketing. First there is the high excitement, then orgasm, then, for the bodies, contentment or apathy as the case may be. This drop affects the thetan strongly and he gets fastened to the bodies and it takes some while to separate himself at times. These incidents make the future fixation on MEST bodies possible. Thus, Freud had something when he blames sex, but sex is far from the whole story.

The basic error a thetan made was in considering a MEST body something very special, unmotivated by thetans. He did not realize that any MEST (human) body is run by a decayed thetan. In thirsting to run MEST bodies and in contacting them he thought he was contacting a cellular body whereas he was actually contacting a thetan and a body. He desired to go into ARC, without knowing it, with a decadent thetan who had a MEST body. That every MEST (humanlike) body had a decayed thetan on it was unknown to thetans until now. This accounts for the enormous “kick-back” received by a thetan when he nips a MEST body or blankets one. The body never did have that power. The decayed thetan did. Respect of MEST bodies, then, was entirely misplaced. This is the primary error thetans made.

The common theme of these cover stories is “fixation on the body.”

THE HALVER: Don’t think thetans were only abused. When MEST bodies tried to invade and take over an area, they usually wound up enslaved to the thetans in that area. And the thetans used them horribly. The invader sometimes came in with electronics his only defense against a thetan. The thetan quite ordinarily took the electronics over and used them on the MEST bodies. One of the processes thetans used on MEST bodies was a half-light, half-black gun which shot out a wave. Half of this wave, usually the black, hit the right side of the victim’s body, the other half, in the same explosion, usually the light side, hit the left side of the victim. This had the effects of causing him to be two people. It is also the basic on half-paralysis such as strokes. There was not always regularity in this incident. Sometimes it was the practice to shoot the victim one way and then turn him around and shoot him the other, sometimes the sides and head as well.

The halver was rigged up with religious symbols and it truly lays in religion. There is a devil on one side, a symbol carried in the light, angels on the other side. Sometimes it was very fancy and was complicated with dolls in the shape of nudes, angels, devils, strung on wires to slide and dance.

It did terrible things to the victim: it gave him a conflict, one side with the other, one being good; the other being bad. It gave him sexual compulsion all mixed up with religious compulsion so that an overdose of indulgence would send him to church, sometimes into a life of crime. It was a control factor used to keep the community fighting itself.

The halver lies as a basic under sexual malpractice, under religious fervour. It shows up in almost every preclear as being in chronic restimulation. It is the one the auditor runs as an overt act when the preclear has a sexual or religious motivator.

Remember that the restimulation of a motivator when one does an overt act is not natural but a consequence of having a body and implants about bodies. You will find some of this “you do wrong, you’ll get it right back” in the halver and similar incidents.

FACSIMILE ONE: This incident is in everyone’s bank, either as a second facsimile or as an original. Only in the latter case should it be run. It is called “Facsimile One” because it is the first proven-up whole track incident which, when audited out of a long series of people, was found to eradicate such things as asthma, sinus trouble, chronic chills and a host of other ills. It has a verbal content in most cases. It is quite varied when found as an original—for in this case, it happened to the preclear in the last ten or twenty thousand years. It was originally laid down in this Galaxy about one million years ago.

The “Coffee-grinder” (which might be an alternative name for it) is levelled at the preclear and a push-pull wave is played over him, first on his left side, then on his right and back and forth from side to side, laying in a bone-deep somatic which cannot be run unless you recognize it as a vibration, not the solid board it seems to be. When this treatment is done, the preclear is dumped in scalding water, then immediately in ice water. Then the preclear is put in a chair and whirled around. He was quite swollen after the pummeling of the waves and was generally kept in a badly run (but quite modern) hospital for a few days. Sometimes he was given several and after the first one would report back on schedule for the next.

FAC ONE was an outright control mechanism, invented to cut down rebel raids on invader installations. It was probable designed by the Fourth Invader and used by him in its original state and “ritual” for a considerable time. It gave him a nice, non-combative, religiously insane community. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF FAC ONE APPERTAINS TO ITS “SUMMONS TO COURT.” This was a sick quiver installed in the stomach area by the “coffee-grinder” during the first part of the incident. The coffee-grinder laid in “baps” on the pineal and other points but almost knocked out the pineal potential forever and relegated its actions to the pituitary. It knocked in every other glandular point. And these same “baps” were used against the vagus nerve to give what everyone knows as all “anxiety stomach,” uncontrolled bowel action, etc., etc. The leader wanted people to report when sent for. Thus, the context (WHICH MUST NEVER BE DONE UNTIL THE EMOTION AND EFFORT ARE REDUCED) when the vagus area was “bapped” concentrates on getting the preclear to report quickly when summoned and makes him terrified of arrest, of courts, of other legal hocus-pocus. Thus, criminal action against individuals, or sometimes any legal action, interrupts the glandular system, gives an anxiety reaction which has no equal anywhere else on the track. Experienced police know this sudden hitherto inexplicable collapse of the criminal and his feeling that he would rather be dead than simply arrested: one cannot exaggerate the effect of FAC ONE in the legal department. A check on psychotics recently showed five, taken at random, to have been “triggered” by a threat of arrest a short time before the psychotic break occurred. This is FAC ONE at work.

You run out force in the form of effort and emotion. The thought part is just the cover story.

The “coffee-grinder” is a two-handled portable machine which, when turned, emits a heavy push-pull electronic wave in a series of stuttering “baps”. It is violently restimulated by what construction companies call “widow-makers”—pneumatic drills of the kind used to tear up pavements, the sound is not dissimilar. FAC ONE, not silicosis, is responsible for the mortality of workers assigned to these drills on construction projects.

In the original version, the invaders operated these machines while wearing hoods and goggles, not unlike “hot papa” suits used today on aircraft carriers. The victim was placed behind a black gauze curtain but, in running FAC ONE, the preclear usually catches glimpses of the “coffee-grinder” and the users. Some people who wear horn-rimmed glasses are found to be solidly in the operator valence in FAC ONE. Such people are lean and hectic. Some persons whose faces are “swollen” and who have a “dumpy” build, who are given to asthma, are found solidly in the victim valence.

This is like running out the DNA programming impressions.

The invader gratuitously left these machines around for the yokels. Believing that the treatment was vital to get to heaven or some such thing, the yokels practiced on each other, found new victims and generally spread the implant around. Trouble with the machines the invader left around was that they “backfired” while they were working, sending out a ray into the chest of the operator to restimulate him, the yokel operator not suspecting that the machine was hitting anything else but his victim. And the yokel operator had neither goggles nor a “hot papa” suit. One of these unskilled operators lasted sometimes as long as forty victims before he collapsed from restimulation himself. The “back-fire” characteristic of the machine left around also inhibited the local people from using electronic handguns and “rifles”, thus killing off guerrillas who sought to attack the invader, for electronic weapons have a flash back against the user.

FAC ONE deteriorated down the years, became quite varied and with the colonization of Earth about thirty-five thousand years ago (or up to seventy thousand in a very few cases), when used FAC ONE was quite non-standard. But it has been used on Earth against some preclears.

About a hundred and some thousand years ago the HALVER was substituted for FAC ONE as much more efficient, much quicker and less destructive of personnel and more creative of slave-like devotion. Thus, the preclear is certain to have the HALVER as an original; you will also get an E-meter drop on FAC ONE. Be sure to ask if it is original or a borrowed facsimile. And don’t forget its overt act is FAC ONE being given by the preclear to a victim.

Running both overt and motivator is important.

BEFORE EARTH: There is a BEFORE EARTH and a BEFORE MEST UNIVERSE in all banks. The incidents are not dissimilar. They consist of the preclear being summoned before a council, being frowned down, being sent elsewhere than where he was. The odd part of these incidents, to the preclear is that he is not usually guilty of anything, not aware of having offended. He is simply recruited, is brought in, is sentenced to be transported and goes to a new area. The only thing remarkable about these BEFORE incidents is that they are a very definite degradation and condemnation of the preclear. They are best run by scanning the preclear backwards on each column of the CHART OF ATTITUDES, from for instance, “I KNOW NOT” to “I KNOW,” etc., for the council’s intent is to reduce the person down scale in order to get a more obedient colonist.

THE JOINER: There are three major JOINERS on the track most of them found will be second facsimiles and do not need to be run. Here is the basic on entities. A person is “packed-in” with other souls by electronics. Actually, these entities are synthetic. Very early on the track, two more entities were “added” to the victim. They were, the three, placed in a ring and hammered by electronics to get them to fuse. There is an empty spot in the centre. A later joiner adds two more “souls”. These incidents are responsible for the preclear being “softened-up” to a point where he can be influenced by having a hypnotized soul thrown at him. You will find the marks of these souls on every preclear. They are the basics on demon circuits. An entity favors the environment, not the preclear, and treats the preclear just like somebody in the environment treated the preclear. If you ask the entities questions, the areas (having demon circuits in them) will respond. If you ask the entities why they are there, they will tell you that they were the crew of the thetan, who is asleep, that they will not work, that they were all bundled together and sent here. The thetan response is that he made twelve errors, eventually could not control his crew, went into ARC with them, became like an entity, was bundled up, thetan, crew and all and shipped down here to work matters out. The entities seem to be most interested in keeping data away from the thetan, convincing him he has done wrong. Each entity claims to have had a function that was very specialized. Insane people are found to be running on their entities, not their thetans. This is a very bad condition, betokening very solid valence walls. Every entity can be audited independently of the others. Past deaths can be run out of them with the relief of many somatics. Each has a body, so they say, in pawn elsewhere. Here is a wealth of data and detail. Fortunately, none of it is very important to us at this time except in understanding the behavior of Homo Sapiens. For these entities, regardless of auditing, work overtime on the preclear. However, in auditing the theta line one is interested only in auditing the thetan and this is very easy to do with the incidents given above and below. One ignores the entities. They may be simply borrowed banks. They do not interfere with auditing for their incidents all run like second facsimiles and, although they register at first on an E-meter, they drop out the moment the auditor asks if the incident comes from a “borrowed bank”. If we had to audit through the complexity and aberration of the entities, we would not have a very easy time of it. Fortunately, it is not generally necessary to even think or know about entities in order to audit the thetan. The JOINERS, so far as I can establish at this time, can be ignored. If an entity pops up and won’t be ignored, just make your preclear move into him and audit out where the entity is stuck on the track (psychotic) and the trouble stops. Considerable time was spent on entities in these investigations. There was a great deal of data about them yet to learn when they were by-passed in the discovery of direct methods of auditing the thetan who, after all, IS the preclear. A case of paralysis, however, was partially remedied by bringing the entity who governed that side up to present time and putting the thetan in charge of the area again. Experiment with them for your own information if you like; you’ll find entities lie, cheat. hold out data and act generally neurotic or psychotic. Here is your “circuit case.” As the thetan loses control over his environment and his body, these entities move in on area. Rehabilitate the thetan and the entity problem vanishes. Start auditing entities and they increase in power. These questions are at this time not answered satisfactorily: Are entities sub-beings or are they simply electronic installations? Are they very decadent thetans who have been blanketed by the preclear? Have they simply decayed until they follow the GE line? Are they control factors from “between-lives”? This question has been answered: Is it necessary to audit entities? And the answer to that is, No.

As mentioned earlier, GE and theta lines are part of the same DNA programming. There is a spectrum of programming. The GE end is stimulus-response type simple programming. The theta end is complex, self-learning AI type programming. The entities, probably, represent the programming in the middle of the spectrum.

THE ICE CUBE: Here is an intriguing incident which, if your preclear demands, should be audited. This is evidently a method of transportation of beings to a new area. The being is packed in ice, is taken to the new area and is usually dumped in the ocean. Your preclear, if he has this one in restimulation, has very cold hands and feet chronically. A thetan responds to hypnosis, pain, force and other factors. He also responds to being frozen in ice. You may wonder how the being, if the ice-cube is used or is necessary at all can get into the between lives area so easily—in other words, if he can be transported between lives with ease, why should he be dumped originally in the form of an icepack. Possibly the answer lies in two invader crews at work- an old invader, already in command of an area but rather down scale, controls by between-lives: a new invader crew with more ambition plants beings in the same area. These beings then fall into the between-lives routine which exists unbeknownst to the new crew. The new crew in the area is later much surprised to find that their planted beings, so carefully dumped in the sea from a saucer, are being picked up between-lives and given “treatment” by an old, established invader whose methods of political control are long since established. When such a discovery is made, the new crew may very likely knock out some of the old crew installations and upset the routine.

THE ICE-CUBE is quite authentic.

This incident is, probably, two different programs addressing the same area of the body and causing some interference.

BETWEEN-LIVES: At death the theta being leaves the body and goes to the between-lives area. Here he “reports in”, is given a strong forgetter implant and is then shot down to a body just before it is born. At least that is the way the old invader in the Earth area was operating.

The implant is very interesting. The preclear is seated before a wheel which contains numbers of pictures. As the wheel turns, these pictures go away from him. He is moved aside to the right, the left, the back. A mirror arrangement shows him still sitting there before the pictures. A force screen hits him through the pictures. The pictures dim out. The whole effect is to give him the impression that he has no past life, that he is no longer the same identity, that his memory has been erased. The force screen flattens his own vitality, thus invalidating his existence, thus installing, by force alone, a forgetter. The pictures, by the way, are simply generalized views, stills of vacant lots, houses, back yards, of a recent Earth period and they could apply to anybody. They are not the facsimiles of the preclear. The incident contains such force that the preclear at first quite closely in contact runs it willingly. As the force cuts down his past identity, he begins to disbelieve the incident, then himself. If left in restimulation he has a difficult time remembering things for some days.

Gradually through a lifetime this BETWEEN LIVES incident keys in. At first it engulfs childhood, then later and later years. Finally, with age, the preclear starts to cycle through it automatically and goes into a “second-childhood,” which is to say, he anticipates the coming implant, conceives it to have done if he lives beyond a normal life span for him. (If it usually happened that he died at sixty, should he now live to seventy, he will get a feeling in the last ten years that it has been done to him—a routine time restimulation effect.)

Preclears do not always report; to have been implanted once is to get a restimulation on dying which will wipe out the past life. Some preclears have one, some have five, some more of these implants.

The life-to-life forgetter would follow as a natural course of events from the fact that the preclear identifies himself and is identified by others as a MEST body; further he identifies everyone else as a MEST body. Also, he would rather start, if he must be a MEST body, with a clean slate and a new body. Also, he has many overt acts of convincing others they should forget their entire pasts, for by that he can train them for a better future for him. NO IMPLANT WOULD EVER SUCCEED unless there was a natural cause and reason for the implant to magnify.

This is an interesting observation that “NO IMPLANT WOULD EVER SUCCEED unless there was a natural cause and reason for the implant to magnify.” That means that an implants parallel the natural dynamics.

The report area for most has been Mars. Some women report to stations elsewhere in the Solar System. There are occasional incidents about Earth report stations. The report stations are protected by screens. The last Martian report station on Earth was established in the Pyrenees.

Entities have between-life incidents independent of the thetan. These are not necessary to run.

There are many types of between lives earlier on the track, about ten different periods of the entire track being devoted to a practice of keeping a thetan in a body, working and in an area. These show up as second facsimiles and are not necessary to run. But the data is there in the secondary banks, and it is very “wonderful” data on how to keep races enslaved.

The whole theme of implants is “fixation on the body.”

THE EMANATOR: Now and then your preclear is found “stuck” in the EMANATOR. This is a large, glowing body of radioactive material which hangs magically in thin air, a sort of a god, an all knower. Its out-pulse puts one into a trance.

The story usually starts with the preclear “volunteering” to come to Earth and do good. He walks into the presence of the emanator and that is that. He has volunteered, perhaps, simply out of curiosity, wondering what is contained in that big building. His “agreement” is of course enforced. He is told that they will keep his body safe for him. He “agrees” to go help out and is transported by hypnotic transference.

It never occurs to the preclear to question the safety of his body. He reports back to it between lives. The body is preserved and can stay that way for some thousands of years. But bodies do not last forever. One day the preclear dies on Earth and reports back dutifully to find no body. After that he conceives himself to be lost. He is given no new goals between lives, he is ignored. The next life may find him knocking on the door of a psychiatrist for he is very “lost” and “homeless” and generally bewildered. Running the emanator sequence and loss makes all right again.

The EMANATOR trick as a recruiting device is very old. You will find many second facsimiles about it in the preclear’s bank.

THE DOUBLE-BODY: With one body in a trance in one place and another body here on Earth, trouble occasionally occurs. A preclear during an operation may switch bodies. Pain, an anaesthetic or a serious accident cause him to change to the other area with a shocking impact on the other body. The other body quite commonly dies or is deranged by the sudden impact. The preclear wakes up from unconsciousness on Earth and tells (or represses) the fact that he has died. Obviously, as the surgeon or doctor will attest, he didn’t die for the heart of the patient kept beating. Actually, the patient flicked into the other body, transferred the shock and pain and killed it, then came back here and awakened.

This incident leaves a patient very, very badly disturbed. The surge into the between-lives area is so obviously not a death, that attendants there, if attracted, will knock the body there out with commands to forget, to not let anyone know in order to “protect” the mystery. Everyone particularly mental doctors, has in the past accounted for this circumstance of the patient thinking he died with wild theories about the effects of anaesthetics and delusion. But no patient so treated ever recovered by being informed that it is all anaesthetic nightmare and delusion and they do recover immediately if the incident is run out. Nitrous oxide is very vicious in this regard, for it does not dull any pain, it simply “drowns” the patient.

Patients wake up after such a double-body incident with the feeling that they have just learned the secret of the universe, but they can’t quite recall it. They have, to some extent. They’ve learned they’re kept and implanted elsewhere.

It IS important for an auditor to know that a DOUBLE-BODY may have happened some lifetimes ago during an accident. To a preclear who doesn’t know of the past life, much less the DOUBLE-BODY, the result is quite alarming.

To run a DOUBLE-BODY, run the operation or accident on Earth, then run the incident as from the other body in pawn. Then run going “under” on Earth and waking in the other body and then waking on Earth. Then run being in the other place and appearing on Earth. Run the DOUBLE-BODY until it is very thoroughly reduced, running the overt acts on it as well— which will be what the preclear says they are.

THETA TRAPS: There is no subject more interesting than that of THETA TRAPS. It is of vast interest to any invader. It is of vaster interest to your preclear. How can you trap a thetan? By curiosity, by giving him awards and prizes (of an implant), by retractor screens, by mock-ups, by ornate buildings which he will enter unsuspectingly only to be electroniced down; by many such means the thetan is reduced from KNOWING to a colonist, a slave, a MEST body.

All theta traps have one thing in common: they use electronic force to knock the thetan into forgetting, into unknowingness, into effect. Their purpose is to rid the area of those nuisances, the thetans who cannot be policed, and gain personnel—always the former, not always the latter.

The thetan feels himself, in some traps, being drawn up to a post. He fights it with his force. It cannot be successfully fought. He succumbs. A day or a hundred years later, he is picked off and elsewise used.

A thetan can sustain many implants of this character without becoming obsessed about having a body. But he becomes obsessed very easily about having facsimiles.

THE JACK-IN-THE-BOX is a variety of theta trap.

Here, the ability to think for oneself is being suppressed through conditioning.

THE BODY BUILDER: Sometimes a thetan is taken off a theta trap and put into a field which makes him fight again with his attention units. The purpose of this field is to make him resist its force and to resist it so as to mould him. Out of his attention units he “builds” a body. Later he is given sharp shots through the places where joints are supposed to be and is generally tailored into a body.

There were many of these on the whole track. In your preclear they are probably second facsimiles.

The body builder used some fifty million years ago was very precise. Although it has degenerated and is less formalized and although it is doubtful if you will find it in more than a second facsimile, the original version is given here:

After he was caught in some kind of theta trap, the thetan was handled as follows:

THE JIGGLER: Placed over a post, the thetan was moved up and down rapidly and eccentrically for some time. He would try to hold onto and stop the post, would go into apathy and finish by being entirely invalidated as himself and would think of himself as the post, that having become cause.

THE WHIRLER: The thetan was placed on a platform which whirled eccentrically, jerkily to the left and right until he would turn as the post turned.

THE BOUNCER: The thetan was bounced up and down eccentrically until he had a facsimile which fixed him, it would appear, on his time track.

THE SPINNER: A chair device was used to spin the thetan until he had no orientation. This is the probable source of the slang term, spinning, meaning going insane.

THE ROCKER: This swung or teetered the thetan to the left and right, slowly and quietly. This incident is dramatized today by mystics who, not being low enough on the scale to die, finish the job by picking up old electronic implant motions and practicing them until they have “control of the body”—which they mean to mean without meaning to mean it, complete body control of “I”.

THE BOXER: This incident is a cousin to the “FLY-TRAP.” Its purpose was to make the thetan into a complete stimulus-response mechanism. He was hit from every angle by a device not unlike a boxing glove. He would be forced to kick back against it with his force. At length he would be psychotic enough to return every motion be received. This is actually aberration itself. It is the psychologist’s definition, though vaguely put, of a “well adjusted human being,” one who stimulates and responds without thought.

THE FALLER: This installs fear of falling, also fixes the thetan in the incident on the track. He is dropped again and again and again to different drops and at varied intervals until he is jammed.

THE EDUCATION: After all these, the thetan was given a complete education. This-was of a hypnotic, stimulus-response variety. It was the type of education which makes a file card system out of a thinking being. It is dramatized today in universities as it requires no skilled instruction.

THE FLY-TRAP: Very, very early on the track, a long time before any of the present populace came into being, there was a theta trap called the FLY-TRAP. It was of a gummy material. The thetan who got into it punched and fought at this material until he was psychotic enough to react to the physical universe laws of responding to motions. He was taken out of this trap by a crew of do-gooders who had caught him for his own good and who trained him in religious sweetness and syrup until they considered him fit to be part of their group. The attitude of these people was SO good, their manners SO understanding that the thetan usually ran away as soon as possible. Sunday school sometimes brings this, even as a second facsimile which it nearly always is, into heavy restimulation.

Remember, auditor, that a second facsimile doesn’t have to be audited but will blow when the preclear sees that he “borrowed” it from somebody. But that doesn’t mean he won’t use it. Lacking a motivator, your preclear guilty of some overt act will go back into his “borrowing” and pick out any second facsimile which looks vicious enough to justify his own action and he will use it to the hilt. Thus, you may find your preclear stuck in incidents of great age and fury. You may find him with Arsclycus in full bloom (where they spent ten thousand lives labouring on the same job, were stuffed like snakes every few weeks to feed them, where they returned after death because a piece of their own body was held in pawn) and unable to work and given to a weariness beyond description. Located as a second facsimile the entire incident tends to depart. Or, locating the overt act the preclear actually did himself, the second facsimile goes without auditing. If a preclear holds hard to a second facsimile, he is guilty of more overt acts than he is telling the auditor, or the incident is something else than it appears to be. Ask your E-meter.

In this type of auditing, the E-meter seems to be implicitly trusted.


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