KHTK Glossary (Physics)

Consistency refers to degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc. For example, “The liquid has the consistency of cream.”

Energy is a substance that is made up of flows rather than discrete units. It does not have the property of center of mass. But, energy has a variable consistency that gives us the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Gravity is substantial enough to be perceived as force. Therefore, gravity is a substance that is different from matter and energy.

Inertia is the property of substance that resists any perturbation.

Matter is a substance so condensed that it has discrete units; and, therefore, it has density and center of mass. The smallest of such discrete units is atom. 

Quantum “particles” are not really discrete particles; but they have a very high consistency like syrup. Quantum “particles” participate in discrete interactions like matter. 

Substance is anything substantial enough to be perceived. A substance is not necessarily a discrete particle. It can be a continuous flow.

The two major dimensions of substance are spiritual (theta) and physical (MEST). The sub-dimensions of MEST are Matter (discrete), Energy (continuous) and Gravity (space-time).

Thought is substantial enough to be perceived as the impulse underlying other substances. Therefore, thought is a substance that is different from matter, energy and gravity.

Absence of substance.


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