Subject: Human Condition

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This special glossary is being developed for the subject of HUMAN CONDITION. It is made up of a Key Word List, and a Glossary.



This Key Word List provides a logical arrangement of the key words by their concepts. You may look up the keys words of the glossary in this sequence. Not all the words of the glossary are listed here.

  1. HUMAN (Self, Identity, Consciousness)
  2. CONDITION (Aberration, Psychosomatic Illness, Dianetics, Subject Clearing)
  3. SELF (“I”, Ego, Egotism, Beingness)
  4. IDENTITY (body, mind, Individuality, Life cycle)
  5. CONSCIOUSNESS (Spirit, Soul, Thetan, Ātman, Immortality)
  6. EVOLUTION (Survival, Static Viewpoint, Paramātman, God)
  7. MIND (Senses, Mental Matrix, Assimilation, Perception, Memory, Thought)
  8. MENTAL MATRIX (Analytical Mind, Reactive Mind, Trauma, Facsimile)
  9. FACSIMILE (Anomaly, Arbitrary)

Conclusion: The human condition results from unresolved anomalies. The anomalies are there because of missing knowledge. As knowledge becomes available in the area of doubt and perplexity, one should make every effort to resolve those doubts.

NOTE: This key word sequence and glossary definitions can definitely be improved. In fact, I shall request you to improve upon them.



Please refer to

  1. KHTK Glossary
  2. Technical Dictionary

Additional data shall be added as necessary.


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