Mind: The Matrix Model

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

I am simply exploring areas that may go beyond the traditional definitions of Brahma, Ātman and Manas (mind) as provided in the ancient texts. For example, Brahma appears to me as the “innate impulse” that permeates the fabric of the universe, Ātman appears to me as “energy activated by innate impulse”, and Manas (mind) appears to me as “an energy form, activated by innate impulse, that is generating, transmitting, and controlling motion”.

So, I am looking at these fundamental concepts in an integrated form. I know it is quite a departure from traditional definitions, but I think it is worth a try. This approach gives me an interesting “matrix model” for the mind. The premise for this model is, 

“A healthy mind naturally breaks the perceptions down into fine ‘mental pixels’, which are then absorbed into a mental matrix.”

These pixels may be viewed as energy quanta that gets finer and finer and almost continuous at lower frequencies, but together they form an intricate network, which I call a matrix. This matrix exists at every level starting from the universal down to the individual life forms, and even to the “inanimate” objects. As humans, we may be plugged into the universal matrix without being aware of it.

Anyway, I am trying to integrate the concept of consciousness with this model. I know that the Vedas do not spell out any mechanics, or structure, or role of Brahma, Ātman and Manas (mind) in terms of any specific model. Therefore, it leaves plenty of room for theorizing and speculation.

Consciousness would obviously be universal, as the mental matrix, ultimately, is universal. But this model tells me that consciousness may vary according to the fineness of mental pixels, quanta or frequencies. For example, the mental matrix of an animal may not be made up of as fine pixels as those in the humans, and so the quality of consciousness in animals may not be as deep as in humans.

One application of this matrix model of the mind is in Subject Clearing, that has to do with educating oneself in any subject by one’s own effort. Subject Clearing is explained in following issues.


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