Relief from Guilt

Relief from Guilt

Reference: Mindfulness Meditation



Relieve the feeling of guilt.


To train the student to BE there comfortably and face the feeling of guilt. The idea is to get the student to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.


The student must have completed Exercise MM 3: Anomalies in Thinking

The student must have read and understood: The Feeling of Guilt



Establish yourself in meditative posture. Comfortably perceive whatever is presented by your environment and the mind. Hold still, watch the flow of your breath, not attach yourself to passing attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains, and see what would happen.

When a feeling of guilt appears, become very alert. Look at it more closely to see where it is coming from. Look at exactly what you did, or did not do, that you are feeling guilty about. Get the exact time, place, form and event. If you are having difficulty in focusing on details then write it out on paper one point at a time. Be totally honest. Do not justify or rationalize.

As the details comes into focus, ask yourself,

“How does this action or inaction look from the Universal viewpoint?”

“What is making it violate the law of Continuum?”

Keep looking at your action with these questions at the back of your mind. Simply BE there and do nothing else but BE there.

As you persevere in being there, the feeling of guilt starts to unravel and the preconceived notion comes to view. This may produce many realizations.

Each session may be 20 to 30-minute long; but a session can be as long as two hours. You may continue with this exercise over several sessions until you reach the end of this exercise.


When you can BE there comfortably and PERCEIVE and have reached a major stable win, the exercise is passed.


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