The Feeling of Guilt


Reference: Mindfulness Meditation


Note: The following data has been researched from Buddhism and other disciplines derived from Buddhism. It is scientific in the sense that it is universally consistent.

The feeling of guilt exists because a person has committed an act that he should not have. He is afraid that if others found out about it then he would suffer their disapproval, and there would be unpleasant consequences. Furthermore, if someone was nearby when he committed that act, he is left wondering if that other person knew about it or not. All this causes him great unhappiness.

The feeling of guilt arises when the person has violated a moral code he has agreed to with those around him. These moral codes are there to ensure the survival of a group, community, or society. They are put together from the viewpoint of that group, community or society. But as the person is now afraid of his personal survival, it endangers the survival of that group, community, or society as well. The solution lies in safely releasing the feelings of guilt.

Such feelings of guilt can be released safely through mindfulness meditation.

The feeling of guilt is an anomaly because it violates the law of Continuum. It exists because the person is looking from a narrow viewpoint, and he is unaware of the pre-conceived notions underlying it. To release the feeling of guilt the person must look at what happened from a universal viewpoint. But, in so looking, one must not hide anything from oneself.

If you are to embark on this action in meditation, you must look at what you did, or did not do, in complete detail. You must be totally honest with yourself. You must not justify or rationalize your action. Writing it out on paper may help.

  1. Look at exactly what you did, or did not do, that you feel guilty about.

  2. Then explicitly look at the specifics regarding the action or inaction, including:

    • Time: A precise instant at which something happened.
    • Place: A definite location.
    • Form: The general pattern of things.
    • Event: That which happened.

If you have written it out, you may destroy the paper after you have gotten the exact time, place, form and event.

In any case, there is a preconceived notion to be discovered, whether it is individual or social. Such a discovery will free you from the feeling of guilt. It will bring a great sense of relief.

You will then know exactly what to do to fully clear up the situation with others.


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