The Universal Viewpoint

Reference: Mindfulness Meditation


Study the paper on Emptiness.

On a scale, all values are measured from the reference point of zero. This works because zero has no value, and it does not add anything to the value being measured. Similarly, in this universe, all phenomena can be viewed objectively from the reference point of emptiness. This works because emptiness is devoid of all phenomena, and it does not add anything to the phenomenon being viewed.

The viewpoint referenced from emptiness is devoid of preconceived notion.

The reference point of “Me, my self or I” produces a narrow viewpoint that leads to irrational conclusions. But a viewpoint referenced from emptiness is aware of everything that fills the emptiness. Therefore, it can rationally comprehend everything present, and is objective.

We call the viewpoint referenced from emptiness as the Universal viewpoint. It is devoid of preconceived notion; and it views all phenomena objectively.

To look from the universal viewpoint, one must reject all preconceived notions, and only acknowledge what is seen at that moment. Here the moment can be as broad as the viewpoint. This is the viewpoint of science.

The universal viewpoint does not fixate itself as originating from some identity—even the notion of “self” is not there.

The Universal viewpoint is the same as The Static Viewpoint.


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