Dianetics Axioms 136 – 150

Reference: The Dianetic Axioms


L. Ron Hubbard found that man is obeying very definite laws and rules which could be set forward in axioms. The very first and most fundamental of these is: The dynamic principle of existence is survive. That is the basic axiom of Dianetics.

The original Dianetic axioms are referenced below in black.

In color are comments and proposed revisions of these axioms from the viewpoint of mindfulness. From this viewpoint the dynamic principle of this universe is to evolve. Nothing survives eternally.



DN AXIOM 136: The mind is plastically capable of recording all efforts and counter-efforts.

The perceptics from environment remain as recordings until they are assimilated in the mental matrix. The force of the counter-effort remains as long as they are not completely assimilated.


DN AXIOM 137: A counter-effort accompanied by sufficient (enrandomed) force impresses the facsimile of the counter-effort personality into the mind of an organism.

The unassimilated perceptics of the counter-effort contain the impressions of personalities involved in the engram. The force that impinges on he organism through the mental matrix contains the impressions of these personalities that color the “I” of the mental matrix.


DN AXIOM 138: Aberration is the degree of residual plus or minus randomity accumulated by compelling, inhibiting or unwarranted assisting of efforts on the part of other organisms or the physical (material) universe.

Aberration is caused by what is done to the individual, not what the individual does, plus his self-determinism about what has been done to him.

Other organisms and the physical universe are part of the environment. Therefore, efforts and counter-efforts cause plus and minus randomity that appear as misalignments in the efforts of the organism. These misalignments are the aberrations displayed by the organism. The mental matrix, with the engramic contents not assimilated cannot do anything about these aberrations. The only solution is the assimilation of the engramic content. 


DN AXIOM 139: Aberrated behavior consists of destructive effort toward prosurvival data or entities on any dynamic, or effort toward the survival of contrasurvival data or entities for any dynamic.

Aberrated behavior is not targeting anybody or anything. It is simply irrational and disorderly.


DN AXIOM 140: A valence is a facsimile personality made capable of force by the counter-effort of the moment of receipt into the plus or minus randomity of unconsciousness.

A valence is the coherence among counter-efforts, which appears as a “personality”. It forms a package of coherent perceptions that cannot be aligned with the mental matrix. The original “personality” of the mental matrix  is aligned with the natural laws, but a valence is not. The surrounding universal matrix represents those natural laws.

DN AXIOM 141: A control center effort is aligned toward a goal through definite space as a recognized incident in time.

The mental matrix forms the control center of the organism. It operates optimally when in sync with the natural laws. Its primary goal is to evolve by resolving anomalies as it comes across them. 


DN AXIOM 142: An organism is as healthy and sane as it is self-determined.

The environmental control of the organism motor controls inhibits the organism’s ability to change with the changing environment, since the organism will attempt to carry forward with one set of responses when it needs by self-determinism to create another to survive in another environment.

Everything operates according to the laws of nature. The environment seems to control the organism only when the organism is unable to assimilate the effects of the environment. That is an anomaly.

DN AXIOM 142 (Proposed): An organism is as healthy and sane as it is able to resolve anomalies in real time.


DN AXIOM 143: All learning is accomplished by random effort.

At the beginning of evolution, learning was accomplished by random efforts of trial and error. As natural laws evolved, the effort became mainly to understand and apply the natural laws. Random effort was required only when natural laws needed to be extended to resolve anomalies fully. 

DN AXIOM 143 (Proposed): All learning is accomplished by knowing natural laws and resolving anomalies.


DN AXIOM 144: A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity to record is recorded with an index of space and time as hidden as the remainder of its content.

Anything not assimilated in the mental matrix will appear to be hidden. “Recording” exists only in the form of unassimilated traumatic sensations. Space and time index is assigned only upon assimilation.


DN AXIOM 145: A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity when activated by re-stimulation exerts itself against the environment or the organism without regard to space and time, except reactivated perceptions.

A counter-effort producing sufficient plus or minus randomity is actually the traumatic sensation that did not get assimilated. Therefore, when activated, it generates the same counter-efforts as were originally felt by the organism, without regard to space and time.


DN AXIOM 146: Counter-efforts are directed out from the organism until they are further enrandomed by the environ at which time they again activate against the control center.

Restimulation of counter-efforts makes the organism behave the same way as before, even when the environment is now different. So, additional misalignments come about that the control center must handle.


DN AXIOM 147: An organism’s mind employs counter-efforts effectively only so long as insufficient plus or minus randomity exists to hide differentiation of the facsimiles created.

The control center sends out effective guidance to the organism as long as the mental matrix is not overwhelmed by the intensity of restimulated counter-efforts.


DN AXIOM 148: Physical laws are learned by life energy only by impingement of the physical universe producing randomity, and a withdrawal from that impingement.

The laws of the universe are learned when anomalies are properly recognized and resolved.


DN AXIOM 149: Life depends upon an alignment of force vectors in the direction of survival and the nullification of force vectors in the direction of succumb in order to survive.

COROLLARY: Life depends upon an alignment of force vectors in the direction of succumb and the nullification of force vectors in the direction of survive in order to succumb.

The ultimate goal is evolution. Survive and succumb depends upon whether the organism is able to resolve anomalies or not.


DN AXIOM 150: Any area of randomity gathers to it situations similar to it which do not contain actual efforts but only perceptions.

An area of randomity is an area of misalignment and confusion. It gathers to it similar perceptions by association.


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