The Process of Evolution


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This universe is evolving. The evolution is gradually bringing order to the randomness of this universe. Underlying this evolution is the Law of Alignment that naturally seeks continuity, harmony and consistency (ref: Self-Determinism and Laws of Alignment).

In our model of the universe, the chaotic disturbance or randomness is symbolized by PHI; and the organized motion or ordered experience is symbolized by THETA (ref: A Basic Model of Universe). During the process of evolution PHI is gradually being converted into THETA per the Law of Alignment.

At the interface of PHI and THETA there lays LAMBDA, the life organism. LAMBDA is made up of a “physique” and a “control center”. The physique senses the misalignment between its own efforts and the random efforts of PHI. The control center sorts out those misalignments by freely associating them with the universally-indexed, experiential field of THETA.

Within LAMBDA itself, the misalignment of efforts on the “physique” side is immediately reflected as the misalignment in experience on the “control center” side. Similarly, the alignment of experience on the “control center” side is immediately reflected as the alignment of efforts on the “physique” side.

In short, the process of evolution is made up of the following steps.

  1. LAMBDA has a “physique” made up of physical elements.

  2. LAMBDA also has a “control center” made up of metaphysical elements called experience.

  3. The “physique” is directed by the “control center”.

  4. The physique of LAMBDA senses the misalignment between its own efforts and the random efforts in its environment (PHI).

  5. This misalignment of efforts is immediately reflected as misalignment in experience in the control center. The control center consists of a well-aligned and indexed experiential matrix that immediately applies its alignment and indexing to the incoming misalignment.

  6. The control center brings the misalignment into alignment through free association. Any gaps in free associations are filled by working out the required continuity, harmony and consistency with appropriate starting postulate.

  7. The incoming misalignment thus gets straightened out and assimilated into the experiential matrix of the control center.

  8. This assimilated and aligned experience is immediately reflected in the efforts of the physique.

  9. The newly aligned efforts of the organism then interact with further random efforts in the environment as in step 4 above.

  10. And the cycle continues.

Here we see that a misalignment immediately triggers free association (and postulation) until the alignment in the experiential matrix of the organism is restored. But the experiential matrix of the organism seems to be surrounded by an experiential matrix of the society. So, this triggering of free association may have a ripple effect beyond the organism into the society of that organism.

We may look at THETA as the “universal experiential field”. This experiential field will then contain all the smaller experiential matrices. The experiential matrices may act respectively as control centers of species, societies, groups and individual organisms. We may therefore say that THETA functions as the “control center” of the entire universe per the Law of Alignment.

This is a description of the mechanism by which randomness of PHI gets converted into the organization of THETA.

This is evolution.


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