The Factors # 6 to 10 (old)

Please see A Course on Hubbard’s Factors

Reference: The Factors

Here is a detailed review of Factors # 6 to 10 from the book Scientology 8-8008.

FACTOR # 6: The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.

The dimension point is the outer form of beingness. It begins as space. As space is disturbed it breaks into electrical and magnetic fields. The interchange between electrical and magnetic fields propagates the disturbance as light.

FACTOR # 6 (revised): The dimension point evolves from space into interchanging electrical and magnetic fields.


FACTOR # 7: And from the viewpoint to the dimension points there are connection and interchange. Thus new dimension points are made. Thus there is communication.

The viewpoint is the inner essence of beingness. It begins as awareness. As awareness is disturbed it breaks into experiencing and associating, which brings about consciousness.

FACTOR # 7 (revised): The viewpoint evolves from awareness into experiencing and associating.


FACTOR # 8: And thus there is light.

Thus disturbance evolves into light and consciousness.

FACTOR # 8 (revised): Thus there is light and consciousness.


FACTOR # 9: And thus there is energy.

Light and consciousness provide the energy for further activities.

FACTOR # 9 (revised): Thus there is energy leading to activity.


FACTOR # 10: And thus there is life.

As activities build up we have life. Every bit of existence is life. It is not just the animation that we see. It is also the animation within the atom.

FACTOR # 10 (revised): Thus there are activities of life.


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