The Factor # 2


Reference: The Factors

Here is a detailed review of Factor # 2 from the book Scientology 8-8008.

FACTOR # 2: In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.

Per Factor #1, we have nothing, either physically or metaphysically at the absolute beginning. We may represent this  by an absolute static of zero. In other words there is no beingness in the beginning. Beingness comes about the moment static is disturbed into becoming kinetic.

The fundamental beingness is kinetic.

The kinetic may be disturbed into becoming more kinetic. The lesser kinetic shall appear static relative to the greater kinetic. Since the reference point of absolute static is theoretical only, the beingness is forever kinetic, meaning disturbance is inherent to it.

The beingness is forever kinetic containing disturbance inherently.

The disturbance increases, decreases and becomes more complex. Thus an evolution of beingness takes place. This is the overall beingness called existence. It is there forever without beginning or end.

The overall beingness is the existence that simply IS without beginning or end.

Factor # 2 implies that there is some absolute “Free Will” that makes the decision TO BE. But the existence is all that there is and the resultant vector of changes occurring within existence may give the appearance of a “Free will”.

Any Cause or Free Will is part of existence.

We may identify the static in physical dimensions as “space” and the disturbance inherent to it as “time”. The disturbed space has the beingness of motion. Even the physical “space” that we see is actually motion.

The beingness of physical existence is  motion.

We may identify the static in metaphysical dimensions as “awareness” and the disturbance inherent to it as “desire”. The disturbed awareness has the beingness of emotion*.  Even the metaphysical “awareness” that we experience is actually emotion.

The beingness of metaphysical existence is emotion.

The basic beingness is, therefore, motion and emotion in physical and metaphysical dimensions respectively.  We may restate Factor #2 as follows:

FACTOR # 2 (revised): The fundamental beingness is the existence of motion and emotion that is eternal without beginning or end.


*Emotion is an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced.
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