KHTK Factor # 10

Reference: A Course on the Factors

KHTK Factor # 10: And thus there is evolution.

The thought brings about the evolution of energy and matter; and, in that process, it brings about an evolution of itself.

Out in the heavens, there are nuclear reactions, that are evolving energy into matter. They are followed by chemical reactions that are evolving matter into inorganic molecules. A beginning of life comes about with the development of organic molecules. The complexity of motion increases. Self-animation enters the scene and cells start to form. Growth start to occur at an increasing and varied rate.

First there are minerals, then cells without nuclei, followed by cells with nuclei, bacteria, protozoa, sponges and fungi, corals, fish, insects and so on. There is evolution from simple reactions to complex thought, and finally to intelligence.

The crown of evolution is the human beingness.



Compare the above to the following factor in Scientology.

Scientology Factor # 10. And thus there is life.

Life is a stage in evolution. What lies ahead is yet to be known.



The constant in this evolution is the seeking of the unknowable and following the process of continuity, consistency and harmony.

The ultimate stage of thought is enlightenment, which is the recognition of its own nature. The moment thought recognizes its own nature it is enlightened.


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