KHTK Factor # 9

Reference: A Course on the Factors

KHTK Factor # 9: And thus there is thought.

Thought is a substance in its own right. Thought is different from energy and matter. The laws that apply to thought are very different from those that apply to energy and matter. We experience thought when we are observing and postulating. It is analytical in nature. On the other hand, energy is increasingly stimulus-response in nature. Energy condenses into matter that is completely stimulus-response.

Thought has its own spectrum called the Tone Scale. Thought also condenses from 40.0 to 0.0 on the tone scale. From 4.0 to 0.0 is the region of emotions. In this region thought behaves increasingly like energy, until it transitions into energy beyond 0.0 with a sudden jump in condensation. This is similar to the sudden jump in condensation from energy to matter at the surface of the nucleus of an atom.

The purest form of thought exists at 40.0 in the form of postulate. At this level we have pure beingness made of postulates. At 20.0 we have pure doingness in the form of action. Around 4.0 we have pure havingness in the form of enthusiasm. Havingness then condenses into energy and matter.



Compare the above to the following factor in Scientology.

Scientology Factor # 9. And thus there is energy.

Thought has been considered to be a type of energy; but, actually, it is a substance, which is very different from energy. Energy and matter are physical; whereas, thought is not.



The electromagnetic laws that apply to energy are quite different from the laws of mechanics that apply to matter. Furthermore, the laws that apply to thought are very different from the electromagnetic laws that apply to energy.

The laws that apply to thought have not been explored by Western science, except in Scientology. Much scientific exploration of thought exists in the East that needs to be consolidated and expressed through the tenets of Western science.


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