Religion (up to 2013)

Looking at human awareness led to the subject of spirituality. Religions are formal systems of wisdom of the past.


  1. Can God be Defined?
  2. The Nature of God


  1. Spirituality – Halo or Hoax (Javed Akhtar)
  2. Is there Divinity?
  3. Zero, One, Infinity and God
  4. Fanaticism


  1. Vivekananda: Why We Disagree?
  2. Vivekananda: Response to Welcome
  3. Vivekananda: Paper on Hinduism
  4. Vivekananda: Buddhism, the Fulfillment of Hinduism
  5. The Ten Commandments
  6. Monotheism, Polytheism, etc.
  7. True Religious Freedom
  8. Faith
  9. Sacred Religious and Philosophical Truths
  10. What Religion You should follow


  1. Religion (July 25, 2013)
  2. The Tyranny of Religion (August 29, 2013)


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