DS 17 Summary

Reference: Data Series

Reference: Data Series 17–NARROWING THE TARGET 



When you look at a broad field or area it is quite overwhelming to have to find a small sector that might be out. The way to observe so as to find out what to observe is by discarding areas. The common denominator that is true for all life forms is that they are attempting to survive. If you discard all areas of wisdom or knowledge which have not much assisted Man to survive, you are left with scientific methodology. So, we use that for investigatory procedure. 

Then, working with that we find the presence of lasting mental impressions in our minds. And working with them we find that the human spirit is different from such impressions. By following up the workable, one arrives at the actions which, when applied, result in the increase of ability and freedom. By following up the causes of destruction one arrives at the points which have to be eradicated.

So, to discover anything bad or good, all one has to do is discard sterile areas to get a target necessary for investigation. One looks broadly at the whole scene. Then discards sections of it that would seem unrewarding. He will then find himself left with the area that contains the key to it. Plus-points or out-points alike take one along a sequence of discoveries. 



When a man is not predicting he is often subjected to out-points that leap up at him. Conversely when out-points leap up at one unexpectedly he knows he better do more than gape at them. He is already behindhand in investigating. Other signs earlier existed which were disregarded.



The usual error in viewing situations is not to view them widely enough to begin with. By keeping one’s attention narrowly on a single outpoint can miss the whole scene. There is no WHY.

The cycle of “Out-point, Correct, Out-point, Correct, Out-point, Correct” will drown one rapidly and improve nothing! But it sure makes a lot of useless work and worry. 



Wisdom is not a fixed idea. It is knowing how to use your wits. 


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