DS 16 Summary

Reference: Data Series




Correction of things which are not wrong and neglecting things which are not right puts the tombstone on any organization or civilization. This boils down to CORRECT INVESTIGATION. It is not a slight skill. It is THE basic skill behind any intelligent action. 



When justice goes astray the things that have occurred are 

  1. Use of justice for some other purpose than public safety (such as maintaining a privileged group or indulging a fixed idea) or
  2. Investigatory Procedure. 

All suppressive use of the forces of justice can be traced back to one or the other of these. It is one thing to be able to observe. It is quite another to utilize observations so that one can get to the basis of things. 



Investigations become necessary in the face of out-points or plus-points. Whatever the motive for investigation the action itself is conducted by sequences. If one is incapable mentally of tracing a series of events or actions, one cannot investigate.

Altered sequence is a primary block to investigation. Any time an investigation gets back to front, it will not succeed. For example, “We will assume who did it and then find evidence to prove it.” Or, “A crime should be provoked to find who commits them.” 

Thus, if an investigator himself has any trouble with seeing or visualizing sequences of actions he will inevitably come up with the wrong answer. Stuck attention or attention that cannot confront alike will have trouble in visualizing sequences. 



Any investigation follows a sequence of actions. It is not monopolized by law and order. All betterment of life depends on finding out plus-points and why and reenforcing them, locating out-points, and why and eradicating them. 

This is the successful survival pattern of living. A primitive who is going to survive does just that and a scientist who is worth anything does just that. 



All discoveries are the end product of a sequence of investigatory actions that begin with either a plus-point or an out-point. 

Thus all knowledge proceeds from plus-points or out-points observed. And all knowledge depends on an ability to investigate. And all investigation is done in correct sequence. And all successes depend upon the ability to do these things. 


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