Patanjali Yoga Sutras



To find the meaning of a Sanskrit word, enter its English transliteration in ‘Sanskrit Dictionary 1’ to obtain the Sanskrit script for the word; then, enter that word in Sanskrit script in ‘Sanskrit Dictionary 2’. You’ll get the full meanings from Sanskrit Dictionary 2.

  1. Sanskrit Dictionary 1
  2. Sanskrit Dictionary 2
  3. Sanskrit Dictionary 3
  4. Glossary for Patanjali Yoga

Guided Chant with Narrated Meanings

All 4 Chapters of Patanjali Yoga Sutras (58:27)

Chapter One: Samadhi Pada

  1. 1-Video with Meaning (15:56)
  2. 1-Video with Explanation (3:02:02)
  3. 1-Text with Meaning
  4. 1-Vinaire’s comments with summary


Chapter Two: Sadhana Pada

  1. 2-Video with Meaning (17:17)
  2. 2-Video with Explanation (3:02:33)
  3. 2-Text with Meaning
  4. 2-Vinaire’s comments with summary


Chapter Three: Vibhooti Pada

  1. 3-Video with Meaning (16:15)
  2. 3-Video with Explanation (3:17:00)
  3. 3-Text with Meaning
  4. 3-Vinaire’s comments with summary


Chapter Four: Kaivalya Pada

  1. 4-Video with Meaning (10:20)
  2. 4-Video with Explanation (2:02:03)
  3. 4-Text with Meaning
  4. 4-Vinaire’s comments with summary


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