Theta-MEST Theory (KHTK version)

Reference: Subject: Scientology Fundamentals

The Theta-MEST theory was originated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1951. It became central to the the subject of Scientology, which was also developed by Hubbard. With subject clearing the basic statement of this theory appears as follows (see The Statement of Theta-MEST Theory),

THETA and MEST are two dimensions of the universe, which, together, explain not only all the phases of matter and its motion, but also the whole spectrum of living organisms and life.


Theta-MEST Theory

This document expands upon this theory with the following steps of reasoning.

(1) This universe is substantial; therefore, it is made up of substance. 
NOTE: Substance is anything substantial enough to be perceived.

(2) The universal substance has the dimensions of Theta and MEST.
NOTE: We are familiar with the dimension of Theta and MEST as ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’, respectively.

(3) In the Theta dimension we have thought, identity and mental phenomena. This dimension has its own unique set of laws.

(4) In the MEST dimension we have radiation, matter and physical phenomena. This dimension also has its unique set of laws.

(5) The laws of Theta and MEST may parallel each other to some degree, but they are very different.

(6) Being substances, both Theta and MEST have extensions and durations.

(7) Having extensions, both Theta and MEST have the characteristic of space; but the two spaces are very different.

(8) Having duration, both Theta and MEST have the characteristic of time; but the two times are very different. 

(9) Having the characteristics of space and time, both Theta and MEST can condense and expand.

(10) In the Theta dimension, thought may condense into identity; and identity may expand into thought.

(11) In the MEST dimension, radiation may condense into matter; and matter may expand into radiation.

(12) Condensation and expansion allows forms to appear and disappear. A form, therefore, has Theta and MEST dimensions.

(13) A form is individualistic in that it can be distinguished from other forms; but the universal substance is one.

(14) A form has a beginning and an end; but the universal substance has no beginning or end.

(15) The beingness is the Theta dimension of a form; it is called Thetan. The body is the MEST dimension of that form. Both dimensions operate together as one form.

(16) As a form appears and disappears, both thetan and body appear and disappear.

(17) An individual is born, and he dies. Therefore, neither the body nor the thetan is permanent.

(18) The individuality, such as, the genetic characteristics and impressions from the life lived are carried forward in seed form, most likely as DNA programming.



Certain questions have arisen in relation to the above, and many will arise in the future. The purpose of this section is to address such questions.

The universe provides a background of infinite duration. Against this background we measure time in terms of duration of a cycle. On Earth, we use the cycle of Earth’s Rotation as our measure of time. All our units of time are derived from the time it takes for the Earth to complete one rotation.

Condensation and expansion are in the nature of substance. That is how the substance takes form and changes those forms. The same form may be brought into being and let go again and again; but its impressions retained. That is how a form may evolve.

Individuality arises with the form and subsides when the form disappears; but the form and its individuality may go dormant in between as in a seed. Thus, the individuality may evolve over time with repeated appearances of the form.


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  • vinaire  On August 2, 2022 at 4:45 AM

    The datum, “God created the world” implies that the fundamental principle of this universe is “Cause and Effect”. Yet this principle must have come into being with the creation of the universe. That is the outpoint of CONTRADICTORY DATA.
    That means, there is a principle more fundamental than “Cause and Effect”; and that may be the principle of TAUTOLOGY–IT IS WHAT IT IS.


  • vinaire  On August 2, 2022 at 4:48 AM

    Eddington 1927: Mind-Stuff


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