The Mathematical Factors

These Factors are taken from page 123 of the book CRITIQUE OF PURE SCIENTOLOGY by Caspar Gerardus Marinus de Rijk. They are accompanied by my comments in color.


The Mathematical Factors 2.0

(Rev. 25 October 2021)

1. Before the beginning and forever there is nothing.

2. And the entire secret is that nothing did not, not exist.

3. Nothing existed.

4. And the nothing was called zero, an ontological zero.

“Ontological zero” is the same concept as Hubbard’s Theta, because theta is zero in terms of MEST. The baseline is: THETA EXISTS WITHOUT BEGINNING OR END.

5. Zero is another view of infinity
If there is nothing, everything is possible.

Zero and infinity are the concepts in MEST dimension. This factor means that Theta can manifest in all possible ways. The postulate is: THETA HAS INFINITE POTENTIAL.

6. It is immaterial and exists beyond space-time.
Thus had no beginning and no end, thus eternal.

Being immaterial and existing beyond space-time simply means that THETA DOES NOT SHARE ITS CHARACTERISTICS WITH MEST.

7. It was dimensionless (a mathematical point)
Just like Descartes said: mind has no extension.


8. Zero is the domain of the mind.


9. In the nothing are the numbers equating to zero.
(-∞ – 0) + (0 – ∞) = 0


10. All mathematical equations balance to zero.

I am not quite sure what this means in the ontological sense. It could imply that there is conversion between Theta and MEST; and that the net conversion is zero. Or, it could mean that the products of various interactions within Theta dimension are all zero in terms of the MEST dimension.

11. Zero is the singularity as nothing existed before the Big Bang.
The singularity=roughly equivalent to static in scientology.

The implication here is that Theta existed first and MEST proceeded from it at the moment of Big Bang. In my opinion, both THETA and MEST have existed as the dimensions of the universe without beginning or end.

12. Implicit in the singular zero is an infinity of zeroes.
There is no reason why there would not be an infinity of zeroes, if one zero already implies infinity, it follows that zero must contain an infinity of zeroes. The zeroes=monads or thetans in Scientology.

The consideration here is that there are infinity of potentials in the dimension of Theta, called thetans. Each thetan has infinite potential of its own. In my opinion, every entity in this universe has Theta and MEST dimensions. The Theta dimension represents the beingness of the entity. The MEST dimension represents the body of the entity. The beingness has evolved in humans to have abilities that are yet to be fully explored.

13. Zero is an existential plenitude of infinite potentials.

In other words, human beingness has infinite potential. In my opinion, we have to explore the human potential and find out what it is.

14. The physical universe stems from these mathematical points but have ® > 0.
A mathematical point is a circle with radius ® zero, between zero and infinity we find the physical world.

The implication seems to be that Theta produces MEST. In my opinion, Theta and MEST are the two dimensions of the universe. Neither dimension produces the other dimension.

15. The ground state or native state of the singularity is unconscious an infinite potential for knowledge.

I am not sure what the word “unconscious” is doing there. The implication seems to be that all knowledge exists potentially in Theta. In my opinion, all knowledge exists in the dimension of Theta whether it is potential or actual.

16. And this goes for each of the zeroes which are all alive and sentient.

Here zero seems to be limited to human beingness (thetan) only. No other beingness is included.

17. The zeroes evolve from sentience to intelligence and self-consciousness.

The potential of theta manifests itself as thetan evolves.

18. The evolution goes from full potential to full actualization.

This potential manifests to its full extent.

19. Information consists of numbers and/or waves or energy

This is a comment on information. To me, anything that you can perceive is information.

20. The mind (zero domain) processes information (sinusoidal waves, or higher dimensional vortices) (numbers) to then experience that information as feelings, sensations, perceptions, adventures etc. in space-time.

The mind, a manifestation of theta, experiences this information as feelings, sensations, perceptions, adventures etc. 


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