Introduction to Subject Clearing (old-2)

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Subject Clearing is the natural system that helps evolve consciousness. The focus of Subject Clearing is on resolving anomalies so one has a very clear view of what is there. 



We all have studied mathematics. We should have a clear view of the fundamentals of this subject. We should clearly understand the difference between a digit and a number. If we don’t, then we have an anomaly. Let’s check out the following:

If you now have a better understanding of a digit and a number, then you just resolved an anomaly. Some of you may not even have been aware of this anomaly. The fact is: if you have a doubt, a perplexity, or a nagging feeling that there is something missing, then you are definitely confronted with an anomaly.

An ANOMALY is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data). An anomaly flags the presence of an impression on the mind, which is hidden under an assumption. When one spots the assumption, and becomes aware of the underlying impression, the anomaly resolves with a realization.

Here is another example: A doubt or perplexity about who one is. This is a discontinuity that disturbs the sense of oneness with nature. It is a very fundamental anomaly. It is the mystery of human self.

There is a lot of material out there that tries to deal with this anomaly. There are religions, and books on spirituality, yoga, psychology, etc. They all try to answer this question. But as long as a confusion exists in your mind, the anomaly is not resolved for you. Take a look at Subject: Human Condition, especially at the words: self, identity, consciousness, “I” and mental matrix. See if you get a better understanding.



The resolution of an anomaly occurs when you spot your postulate, or the assumption, which is keeping the anomaly in place. Once you recognize the assumption, and become aware of the underlying impression, the anomaly disappears for you.

The mind naturally generates projections when gaps exist in understanding. They stay as assumptions until they are replaced by reality or narrowed into better assumptions. 

Many assumptions in astronomy got clarified with progress in mathematics and after the invention of the telescope. Similarly, assumed causes of illnesses were corrected after the invention of microscope. 



Dr. Winter states in his introduction to DIANETICS, “We should feel free to examine the basic assumptions of any body of knowledge we wish, without fear of committing lese majeste. If any system of thought is going to wither in the light of investigation, it does not deserve the title of Authority.”

The rule in Subject Clearing is:

No past idea or learning in the area of doubt and perplexity is sacrosanct—meaning so “sacred” that you cannot question it.


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