Subject: Human Condition (old)

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This step looks at the human condition through Scientology, which calls itself a science of mind. The bulk of the problems with the human condition are addressed on Grade 4 of Scientology. This grade is called “Ability Release,” and it helps a person move out of fixed conditions and gain abilities to do new things. 

NOTE: The material provided below may remind one of Scientology, but it differs in most respects from standard Scientology. This material is used by a person to subject clear his or her human condition by oneself. The person is not being audited as in Scientology.

The three most important tasks for any science of mind are:

  1. Get the person to be there extroverted in present time.
  2. Get the person to think beyond black and white in shades of gray.
  3. Get the person to assimilate all his sensations and operate with an assimilated mental matrix.

The unassimilated impressions may be called facsimiles because they are literal copies of the sensations received during a trauma. The facsimiles are unknown to the person since they are not assimilated in the mental matrix. These facsimiles insert themselves into the activity of the mental matrix adding their literal interpretations to its computations. Downstream, the corrupted mental computations generate aberrated behavior and psychosomatic illnesses. The handling of aberrations and psychosomatic illnesses requires the assimilation of the facsimiles into the mental matrix. Once their content is assimilated, the facsimiles disappear.

The above is a succinct summary of the mind that further improves upon the Hubbard’s theory of the Reactive mind.

There are heavy, medium and light facsimiles. The heavy facsimiles require the running of sharp efforts, such as those involved in shocks and impacts. These efforts are run only to the point that the emotions are reached. The heavy facsimiles are referred to as engrams in Scientology.

In the medium facsimiles, the emotions are accessible directly. These emotions reflect the degree of conflicted effort in the trauma.  Emotions of apathy, grief, fear, anger, antagonism and boredom, represent the declining degree of conflicted effort. Emotions are run until the underlying thoughts are reached. The medium facsimiles are referred to as secondaries in Scientology. 

In the light facsimiles, thoughts are accessible directly. These thoughts are in confusion and full of anomalies. A person contemplates and meditates on the anomalies to resolve them. When one discovers the arbitrary postulate underlying an anomaly, the conflicts resolve and the facsimile assimilates. One feels relieved and happy. The light facsimiles are referred to as locks in Scientology.

In dealing with facsimiles, one is dealing with heavily compressed thoughts, emotions and sensations that need to be decompressed.

These facsimiles seem to reside in the electromagnetic field within and around the body. This field primarily contains the mental matrix whose characteristics are continuity, consistency and harmony. The facsimiles exist in this field as discontinuities, inconsistencies and disharmonies.

As these old facsimiles are assimilated in the mental matrix the tasks listed above for the science of mind become easier to accomplish.



Facsimile, Service Facsimile, Computation, Justification, Overt Act, Withhold, Motivator, Rightness & Wrongness, Certainty, Fixed Solution, Certainty Processing, Cause Level, Responsibility.



  1. Running a Process Command
  2. “SOURCE” – A Scientology Power Process
  3. “EXISTENCE” – A Scientology Power Process
  4. “CONDITIONS” – A Scientology Power Process



Facsimile is a mental impression that is too jumbled up to be assimilated in the mental matrix. Therefore, it is not available as perception and/or experience. But it exerts a hidden “literal” influence on the functioning of mental matrix. Upon assimilation, the impression reduces to thoughts, emotions and efforts that can be managed. 

This facsimile provides a hidden influence that the person finds useful.  It helps the person use his weakness and disability to his advantage. It provides him with justifications that he can use to escape responsibility. He may use the facsimile to invite sympathy or cooperation from others, for example, by playing as a victim. It makes him right and others wrong. But he is using a fixed method to do so, and that provides the clue to the service facsimile. 

The assimilated data of the mental matrix provides natural thinking that is harmonious, continuous and consistent. But the data from the facsimile, when inserted, generates thinking that has become corrupted. The mental matrix has the awareness of something being wrong but it cannot resolve it because it does not have the content of the facsimile available. The corrupted thinking expresses itself in aberrated behaviors and illnesses. The computations of such corrupted thinking appear as fixations.

When the mental matrix cannot resolve the corruption of thinking that is inserted by the hidden facsimiles, it does its best to come up with the most plausible explanation for the resulting aberrated behaviors and illnesses. Such explanation seems perfectly right to the person making it, but to others it may appear as a justification for the most flagrant wrongness. The person using justification comes across as making himself right and others wrong.

The overt act is part of the aberrated behavior resulting from aberrated thinking. Being irrational an overt act is injurious or harmful in nature, but it appears totally justified to the person committing it.  The person may not know the actual reason why he acted that way. The circumstances may make him feel that he should not have acted that way, at least openly. And so, he may try to restrain himself. This builds up a pressure in him. When a person can clearly see the outpoints in his overt act and confesses to them then he may feel some relief.

A withhold is a lack of confession. Confession is a limited effort to relieve a person of the pressure of his overt acts. It is limited because full acceptance of responsibility can come only from uncovering the hidden facsimile. 

A motivator is what justifies to the person the “rightness” of his overt act. It makes him feel that he was justified to have acted the way he did. The motivator could be something that unknowingly triggered his hidden facsimile to influence his computation.

The over act appears right to the person committing it because it is the best option per his “thinking”. He doesn’t know that his thinking is influenced by the facsimile. Others are under no such influence so they see his overt act as being harmful and injurious.

A person can only be as certain of his solution as the data available to him. So, he can be certain that his “aberrated action” is the right solution. However, certainty improves as more data becomes available. So, the person can be given data that makes him realize that his “aberrated behavior” is injurious to others. But this may not always work. So, he may have to be assisted in processing his facsimiles.

Since it is the same facsimile that is injecting itself into the computations of the mental matrix, it may lead to the same “aberrated solution” time and time again. This may provide a clue to the nature of the facsimile and to the incident that may have caused it.

A person who is uncertain is oscillating between two opposite certainties. He is thinking in black and white terms. We resolve this uncertainty by having him consider the opposite certainties one at a time, until he can see that there can be shades of gray.

Cause level is a person’s ability to see outpoints, even in his own actions. He can then understand better the influence of the unknown facsimile.

Responsibility comes about when one really understands the actual situation, and the plus points and outpoints in it. This allows him to responsibly assume control over it.


Some Grade 4 Processes

The following are some Grade 4 processes of Scientology.

As you work through these processes, you shall uncover anomalies in your past and present, and also in your thinking. Make sure you continue the process until all anomalies brought to your notice during that process are resolved.

  1. Follow the reference Running a Process Command.
  2. You may also use “another” and “others” in place of “you” in the following commands.


“Tell me some things you wouldn’t want to have happen again.” 
“Tell me some things you would like to have happen again.” 

“In this lifetime what have you done?” 
“What haven’t you done?” 

“In this lifetime what overt have you committed?“
“How have you justified it? “

More processes are provided under the Reading Materials section above.


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  • Chris Thompson  On August 1, 2021 at 6:37 AM

    While clearing has been touted as the goal of Scientology, I think that certainty should be said to be the purpose of Scientology. Either way, in Scientology, one proves one’s epiphanies to oneself by the metric of certainty. The metric of empirical evidence is not a consideration.

    In the book of Hebrews in the KJ Version of the Holy Bible, it is written, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Likewise, the Scientologist thinks of certainty in a similar way. In Scientology, one measures truth by how certain one is about an idea. Example: The clear cognition is the idea that one IS clear. If one is certain, not in conflict with oneself, then one’s needle floats.

    So in Scientology, the measure of truth is prioritized in the following order:
    1. Whether one’s idea aligns with Hubbard’s teaching.
    2. For one’s personal opinions or ideas, one’s certainty is the measure.


  • vinaire  On August 1, 2021 at 9:06 PM

    I am sure that the purpose of Scientology is not the same as the purpose of Subject Clearing. The purpose of Subject Clearing is the assimilation of all sensations no matter when they were received.

    An aberrated person can be certain about the rightness of the overts he has committed. So, certainty and sanity are not directly related.


  • vinaire  On August 2, 2021 at 7:45 AM

    When I was taking the IQ and Aptitude tests just before joining the Sea Org I was struck by the fact that having a “closed mind” was rated high. Later I found out about the stress in following Hubbard’s tech exactly without any deviation. The reasoning behind this emphasis was that Hubbard’s tech was the best tech anywhere. It was way ahead of any other tech not only on this planet, but also anywhere in the universe.

    A Sea Org member close to Hubbard had the tech that even the Scientologists out in the organizations and in the field did not have. It instilled a Sea Org member with a sense of utter superiority. He had a certainty of a mind that was surrounded by the greatness of Hubbard’s mind. I soon realized that it was the certainty of a “closed mind.”

    So, Chris, I understand what you are saying.


  • vinaire  On August 12, 2021 at 9:44 AM

    The theory of Karma is not just a matter of belief that one may choose to have or not have. Karma is carried as the limitation exerted by genetic programming. But it is not just your genetic programming. It is the genetic programming also of those around you. This genetic programming becomes a part of the environment and it affects you and others. This is karma.

    It is an error to limit karma to just one’s immediate actions, just as it is an error to limit self to the idea of “soul,” or to the extension of the identity of the body-mind system.

    We are converting spacious religious beliefs to precision science slowly but surely.


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