Running a Process Command

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

In Scientology, an auditor runs a process on a preclear. (NOTE: A preclear is a person who is clearing himself of psychosomatic illnesses and aberrations.) There are thousands of processes in Scientology. Here is an example of a process “MUST & MUST NOT HAPPEN”:

“Tell me some things you wouldn’t want to have happen again.”
“Tell me some things you would like to have happen again.”

The auditor asks such commands alternately and repeatedly. The preclear executes these commands. The auditor is trained in how to deliver the commands, in the auditing style to use, how to observe and monitor the preclear’s execution of command, and how to note preclear’s tone level and responses. The preclear is also trained in how to execute the command through drills called TRs.

Hubbard had lot of trouble training auditors because the mind cannot be treated in a mechanical fashion. The best approach is to teach a person to audit himself or herself with the simplest approach possible. We shall now see how the Scientology processes can be applied by the preclear using the simple approach of Subject Clearing. 

Let’s take the process above. Right away one can see that the purpose of this, or any process, is to “audit” traumatic impressions until they are assimilated in the mental matrix. These traumatic impressions have been collecting in the mind since ages.

Such traumatic impressions are unknown to the preclear because they are not assimilated and, therefore, they have not been converted into perceptions.

Most of the traumas that produced these impressions are also submerged since long ago. So, this “auditing” is basically a blind and random search.

The first rule of executing the process command is to be very gentle about it. Here the process is about “what must or must not happen.” So, you just lightly keep your attention on the command, and let the mind do its work. The moment you become anxious about coming up with the requested information it won’t work.

The first rule is to just lightly keep your attention on the command, and let the mind do its work.

There are certain unassimilated impressions that are currently active and causing your illness and aberration. You do not know anything about these impressions. There is an amazing mental matrix that exists with infinite possibilities of perceptions. You cannot search this matrix by memory. By lightly keeping your attention on the process command, you let a current flow through your matrix. If this particular current interacts with the unassimilated impressions in some way, it would let you know right away. So, you just sit back and wait for some interaction. Just be very alert.

If there is no interaction resulting from the present process within a reasonable amount of time then you need to move to a different process. The important thing is not to get anxious about the process.

There are scores of processes on each grade of Scientology. The purpose of all these processes is to find clues to the unknown assimilated impressions. Sometimes it may take just a few clues, and at other times dozens of clues to resolve an unassimilated impression.

In Scientology auditing, overrun and further complications occur because the auditor and the preclear get anxious about the process. It is better to leave a process without getting anxious if no interaction occurs. You can always come back to that process in the future.

Sometimes these processes work in a certain sequence depending on how the unassimilated impressions are stacked up in the mind. You cannot always predict the sequence in which to apply the processes. So, you have to live with some amount of trial and error.

If no interactions result from the present process then move to the next process.

The second rule is that when there is an interaction you let it play itself out without you reacting to it. If there is a reaction than treat it as if it is part of the interaction. The whole idea is to “be there and confront.”

Suppose you have light attention on “what must or must not happen” and you are relaxed and fully alert to possible interactions. The first interaction may not be in terms of some memory coming up. It could be a feeling about what you are doing. You might think that you are wasting your time with this process, that this process is not going to work, that you may never get better, that everybody else is happy, but you are miserable, etc. You just watch these feelings and thoughts play themselves out. There may be sensations, such as, feeling scratchy all over the body, feeling exhausted, body perspiring, dread in the pit of the stomach, etc. You do not resist or suppress any of these sensations and emotions. You just let them play out.

The second rule is to just let the feelings and sensations play themselves out. All you have to do is, “be there and confront.” 

You may be watching the influence of the unassimilated impression leaking into the mental matrix. It is a fascinating experience even when it makes you uncomfortable. The less you avoid or deny it, the better it is. You never know what may come up. You may even go to sleep. Just do not interfere with whatever is happening. You may ultimately be rewarded with sudden emergence of perceptions as the impression assimilates into the mental matrix.

Once you get the perceptions, that were hidden, the major struggle is over. Now you can start looking around for anomalies, and start to clean them up one by one. At other times, memories my come up by themselves in response to the process command. When that happens you don’t have to do anything like before. Just be alert for anomalies. When an anomaly shows up as something puzzling, simply subject clear whatever does not make sense. It is possible that such subject clearing may cross path with an unassimilated impression.

Once you get the perceptions start resolving the anomalies.


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