DIANETICS: Prenatal Experience and Birth

Reference: Hubbard 1950: Dianetics TMSMH

These are some comments on Book Two, Chapter 7, “Prenatal Experience and Birth” from  DIANETICS: THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


Comments on
Prenatal Experience and Birth

KEY WORDS: Unconsciousness, Earlier similar, Birth, Prenatals

It has long been believed that mother influences the child even before it is born. Dianetics have discovered the exact role prenatal experience and birth play in aberration and psycho-somatic ills. 

Underlying aberrations and psycho-somatic ills is unconsciousness. During unconsciousness the mental matrix is dissociated from the normal perceptions. The perceptions recorded during the period of unconsciousness do not get assimilated in the mental matrix, but stay in a holding area. They then cause later aberrations and psycho-somatic ills.

Unconsciousness prevents incoming perceptions from getting assimilated in the mental matrix.

Unconsciousness is caused by major illness, accident or injury. Usually the brain is affected by a lack of blood flow or oxygen. There might be infection, blood clots, swelling or damage to the brain. Levels of impaired consciousness include confusion, disorientation, delirium, lethargy, stupor, and coma. Narco-synthesis is a treatment for psychiatric disturbances that uses narcotics. Narcotics are drugs that cause unconsciousness. 

Unconsciousness is caused by major illness, accident, injury or drugs.

The narcotics depress awareness by dissociating the mental matrix from normal perceptions. Under their influence the aberrative circuits are bypassed and the assimilated portion of the mental matrix may be accessed. Hubbard figured out a way to reach very early incidents using narco-synthesis and could uncover their content. But the patient could not assimilate the contents of those incidents unless they were very early. It seemed that the assimilation of later engrams depended on the assimilation of earlier engrams. 

Perceptions from earlier periods of unconsciousness are easier to assimilate than those from later periods of unconsciousness.

When an engram could not be assimilated, an earlier similar engram was looked for. When birth was accessed and recounted, assimilation took place. That meant that there were real perceptions from birth that existed in the patient. In some cases, when birth could not be assimilated, earlier similar painful incidents were looked for and were found to exist in the prenatal area. We now know that a great deal of recoding takes place in the child when he is in the womb.

Periods of unconsciousness happen as early as during the prenatal period. Birth itself can be such a period.

Dianetics believes that the recordings exists in the cells since cell is the basic building block of life organisms. However, modern studies show that engrams are more likely to exist in the electromagnetic aura within and around the body. The Dianetics reactive bank is the sum total of the unassimilated perceptions that are situated in this aura.

The mental matrix and the reactive bank most likely exists as an electromagnetic field of thought.

The electromagnetic aura is a natural extension of a cell. Dianetics has discovered that impressions exist in this aura as far back as the sperm and zygote. An engram is an impression that contains enough disturbance not to get assimilated in the mental matrix. For practical purposes the mental matrix may be considered to be the electromagnetic aura itself. 

The mental matrix is the seat of awareness. An unassimilated perception represents a point of unconsciousness.

The natural programming in the mind is the result of assimilated perceptions. The unassimilated perceptions of engrams impose another layer of programming that causes aberrations and psychosomatic ills. The engrams parasitically use the circuits of the mental matrix. Therefore, the language contained in prenatal engrams may not cause aberrations and illness until the child has learned the language.

Failed abortion attempts are the most important factor in aberration. 


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