Selecting a Subject (old)

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When we think of a subject, we usually think of a subject we studied in school. But a subject in Subject Clearing is much more than that.


School Subjects

General school subjects are: Language, Grammar, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, etc. These are valid subjects for Subject Clearing, especially for young students.

When we look at High School and college level subjects we have  a lot more variety, such as, Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, Logic, Computer Programming, Robotics, Linguistics, Philosophy, Biology, Political Science, etc. These are valid subjects for Subject Clearing too.

For technical people we get into more advanced subjects, such as, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Quantum Mechanics and so on. And then for business professionals we have Management, Entrepreneurship, Construction, Accounting, Finance, etc. These are all valid subjects.


Life Subjects

For Subject Clearing, however, it is very important to clear up the fundamentals of a subject that apply broadly to life. Here we have subjects like Philosophy, Religion, Mindfulness, Human Condition, etc. 

As children grow up to be adults, the subject of Human Condition becomes most important. But it is a subject, which is never taught by others. One must learn this subject by oneself through one’s own experience. Unfortunately, one’s experience is littered with confusions and traumas.


Trauma as a Subject

Underlying confusions there are misunderstandings caused by traumatic experiences. Therefore, Traumatic Experience becomes the priority subject for most people to address, followed by personal confusions.



The idea of Subject Clearing is to clear up the fundamentals first and then the details. In case of a trauma, the fundamental would be the basic shock. In case of a confusion, the fundamental would be a basic concept.

In case of school subjects, the fundamentals of communication are represented by the subjects of LANGUAGE and GRAMMAR; and the fundamentals of thinking are represented by the subject of MATHEMATICS.

In case of life subjects, one may start as broadly as practical to cover as much life as possible. Here we have very broad subjects of RELIGION and PHILOSOPHY. They take you to the very fundamentals of the universe and thought


List of Subjects

Here is a list of suggested subjects that one may consider subject clearing:

[Personal Trauma]
[Personal Confusion]
Human Condition

These subjects will keep one busy for a long time. But as one proceeds with subject clearing one gains the ability to think critically.


Mental & Physical Health

As the mind starts to clear up its persisting confusions and questions, the mental and physical health also starts to improve—sometimes miraculously.


Getting Started

You start Subject Clearing by selecting a subject that you really want to understand, and then keep broadening it.


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